THINK ANEW !!!!!!!!

Thoughts and Actions, that's what drives me.
Let me share some of 'em with you. Feel free to join in, argue, blatantly disagree.
Lets open, our hearts and minds and THINK ANEW!!!

A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
Let your thoughts burst out...

Don't forget to do this on Christmas Eve!!!

It's Christmas Eve and time to celebrate...
WAIT, Didn't you forget something?

Oh ya, Wish me a Happy Birthday....

Yipee, I'm an year older and hopefully an year wiser too....

Yup, those are my B'day presents, very contrasting?
Just like my life.....

The camera, well, its a present from my DEAR sister. I love taking photos, and this beautiful DSLR means this blog and many other sites are going to get pics coming.BTW, I'm really grateful to her for being so selfless. It costs a lot and it all came from her hard earned money from her new job.
Thank You dear!!!

The other is a cute little gift from a very dear friend of mine. Since I'm on a 'no-names' terms on this blog , sadly I cant thank her fully but still, it is pretty evident to those who know me who this is from , I guess.
Cute little girl , right?
Thank you Dear.

Two great gifts from two people very close to my heart, and a lot of wishes from the others.
Great day, I guess :)
See ya soon....

Are we better?

Along overdue post but been very busy with my exams. Not for long though, going to get busy in 5 days.

Anyway, I was reading these posts over at Revelations Zero , which by the way is a personal fav of mine , about humans and I just couldn't help but think about it. But a word of caution before I begin. Most people who talk with me about humans "ethically", often find that I'm ' against humans' or something like that. However I can assure you that this is just a misunderstanding, as is often the case when it comes to matters concerning me. Wonder why!

Back to business, The question is what makes humans 'Human'.Why do we consider ourselves 'special'. Are we indeed 'special'. If you ask me, don't expect a very positive answer.

I feel, though many would for sure oppose this view, that humans are just another part of the huge and unimaginably complex nature, no more and certainly no less. However, the current spree of destruction that we are taking on ourselves could very rightly be attributed to our self proclaimed 'dominance'. But I ask, dominance over what? Certainly not over the nature and for that matter, we cant even control our own bodies very well.

Now, off to comparisons.

Team work

Certainly not a criteria that should have been put in if this had to be supportive of humans, but this is going to be ,hopefully, a neutral discussion. (Discussions need more than one speaker, so please do join in!!)I don't think it essential to give an example for teamwork. ANTS. Yes, those tiny, brainless, miscreants , in the usual terminology are indeed a marvel of nature when it comes to teamwork. Recent research showed that ant traffic is a complicated network that dynamically evolves and improves to accommodate changes in traffic and heavy weight bearers and thus avoiding jams even in a bottleneck situation.
Compare this with how we cant even manage our own cars on an 6 lanes highway even with the "sophisticated" help of satellites and huge traffic networks!



Not a very good criteria either. there are lots of animals far stronger than ourselves.


creepers, crawlers, lizards, clawed, sleek and agile. they come in many varieties and all of them better than ourselves!!

Sight, hearing, sense of smell...

Not a chance, Want to see the words human in the scoreboard, try the ends...

What else....???
There must be something that we are good at...

Do I hear emotions, love, affection, caring, logic...

Think again, as I told to Rev Zero,

Just watch any good documentary and I’m sure you’ll be amply convinced that love is certainly not an emotion that separates men and “beast” (as we call them). I would say unnecessary provocations, war and violence would be more appropriate criteria. Oh, by the way, men are better at ‘making these’ than animals. That way , men could be called better than them :)
About logic, many people think that humans are 'logical' creatures. But are we? We do make a lot of illogical decisions!! Moving to a more scientific approach, "Herd Mentality", Its the phenomenon by which animals try to conform to the movement of a herd. Hey, but only animals do that! Not by a long shot! Think of how people inside act when a building catches. Everyone tries to run in the same way. You get the idea right?

If you are still not convinced that humans are different from animals in behaviour, try watching "Meerkat Manor" in Discovery channel(I think). That should be enough to convince you.

OK, I do agree that humans are better at something though,

When it comes to brains, humans are 'superior'. Not much to talk about it. You must've been thinking about his point all along that you probably have more points about this than I do!
So, please contribute!

The verdict?

Each one is the master in their own league.None better than the other in all fields. Then how can we consider ourselves better??

I wonder how many would've actually made it through this article!!
If you have, claim your spot in among the commentors and leave your mark.
And don't forget, let your minds explode (not literally, of course). Do feel free to retort to what i have said or to add any points.

And finally, if you are interested, make an article about the topic, link it here and I'll link back in my next article. What it's going to continue? Yep!

Adiós for now...

Forget not thy root

Forget not thy root

Who said these words?

I did.

However far above you get or ahead you trudge,

Forget not what you were and who pushed you along this path.

Forget not what you were back then, when you see men in trouble.

Forget not the lessons learnt along the way, the path stretches on much longer.

Forget not the roots that feed you, when tough questions ask themselves.

Learn what others did not.

Think how others did not.

Act as the people dared not.

Feel each one's heart.

Play with the youngest of them all.

Talk with the mightiest.

Enjoy the silliest.

Read the serious.

Throw away prejudices.

They are somebody else's mistakes.

Make up thy mind.

Forget not thy root.

Dunno what the title should say!!!

"Hope — it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of our greatest strength and our greatest weakness!!!"

The Architect in Matrix told this, but it seems far more relevant in the real world than in a sci-fi movie.

Dream, Its not what you see when you sleep, Its that which doesn't let you sleep!!

I don't know who said the second, I got it from a friend.

Anyway, Hope and Dream. Everyone tells us, You ought to dream, and work to fulfill them. You ought to hope for the best and work accordingly.... blah , blah blah...

But what they don't tell us is , What is hope? What is dream? As long as something is undefined and ambiguous, it could very well stand for failure and for that matter even a pencil or a pen!

Cheeky enough to call me Geeky

"i knew it..u r worldz BIGGEST GEEEEEEEEEEK....."

I couldn't help but put this on. Do I hear you asking why?

Simply because I got this comment to a couple of photos in which there were no books, or anything study related.

I thought I should put it up without even editing it to preserve the authenticity of it.

I guess a picture will truly speak a thousands words in this case.

The second one by the way, was an old computer. Still is a computer but not to all. Even my father says its not a computer anymore but something else. However it still works. :)
The first pic is just a very small part of the room.

If you ask me why I'm saying all this now, there are 2 reasons. One, the comment and the second, by an amazing coincidence just half an hour before I saw the comment I was thinking of how varied my interests were. I'm interested in space, photography, insects, snakes, electronics, robotics, bla, bla ,bla.....

I felt that even after a hundred and thirty posts , there were not many posts about me, so why not? And now you know!!!

And by the way, she is classmate of mine. That gives her another reason too...

I'm Back......

Finally my exams are over (for now ,at least. The next is only a month later!!).

"Why do you always sit alone ?" This is a question I've heard innumerable times but one to which I don't have an exact answer. "Sit" is int he sense of sitting but "in company of". Mostly my classmates ask me this and the otherday too a couple of girls came and asked me the same.

I think one reason is that not many can take my incessant rambling and often weird explanations to stuff (though always scientific, which is yet another reason). i also tend to choose my friesnd carefully and often they are only a handful. Of course I consider everyone as a friend and "almost" all of them are equals to me except a select few. The few good friends are the ones I believe will stand beside me in need and deed. More importantly, I think, they are the only ones who actually bothers listening to me and at least give the words a sliver of thought...

Well, thanks guys for listening.... Just felt like rambling.........

So sorry.....

I'm sorry guys.... It's been a while since my last post and I really can't find time for it. That does not mean I'm going away though. I currently working on a couple of electronic projects that I'm developing and It's taking up most of my time. Got a lot of research to do on that!! By the way, Its just a hobby. :)..
Will give some updates about it soon......

A lot of advices!!!

Here's something that I received by mail from a dear friend of mine ;) . I thought I should publish it not because of the promises of great fortunes that it made(which I do not believe, by the way) but because of the great messages it conveys...

(The comments are mine)

1) Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully

As I've mentioned in many of my posts, do things not for the reward but for the satisfaction of doing it.

2) Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

Self explanatory!

3)Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.

In short keep limits and keep your wits about!

4) When you say, 'I love you,' mean it.

Hmmm..... What can I say?

5) When you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the eye.

Look in the eye, you can only do that if you really mean it!!!

6) Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

Oops! !Not something that I'm experienced enough to comment on!!

7) Believe in love at first sight.

I leave that choice to you!

8) Don't laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much.

Dreams are way pointers. They are your destination. If you don't have a destination, where will you travel to?

9) Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.

As always, ENJOY LIFE!!

10) When in disagreement, fight fairly. No name calling.

Happens very rarely!

11)Don't judge people by their relatives.

Every man is unique. Your are not who your parents are or your relatives are. They were not your choice to make. But be sure to make the right one when you can. Friends for instance. They show who you are!

12) Talk slowly but think quickly.

Talk slowly so that you can think twice. Think quickly because too much thinking about a simple matter is sure to screw it up.This article by Steve Pavlina talks about thinking and acting quickly

13) When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to know?'

A new tip to me too!!Wonder if it works!!

14) Know that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

Its the effort and the risk you take that gives the return. The better calculated your risks are, the better your chances!

15) Say 'bless you' when you hear someone sneeze.

Personally, I never understood why we still do that even though I do know that it was done during the time of the Great Plague.

16)When you lose, don't lose the lesson

Something the winners have mastered and the losers have definitely forgotten
17) Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; and Responsibility for all your actions.

18) Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

Now, friendship is something so valuable but we dont recognize it until we lose them. So,enjoy their company while it lasts. And Keep in touch!

19) When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it

Sticking to the wrong path will only make it worse. Better late than never!

20)Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

Something that I realized over a very short time, something like over the past few months, A smile can tell you a lot!

21) Spend some time alone.

As important as spending time with friends. You need your attention. Listen to yourself. It cant each you a lot!

A day that taught me the greatest of things!!!

Today was our sports day at school. No, the results are not that good, but it taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life, which I applied today and found to be true.

1) Never change your plans at the last moment. I'm not going to explain the circumstances that taught me this but it is very true. The plan that you made before hand is the best bet you have for peak performance. Primarily because your mind is already tuned to do it as best as you can and secondly because the last minute change that you make cannot guarantee that you would perform any better or even that it is any better a plan than it was before.

2)Do things or compete not for the sake of winning but for the fun of it. Because you love to do.
Here's what happened. We had a 100m sprint, the first competition, and I completely ruined it because I really wanted to win it. The moment I stepped on, my heart started beating faster and the performance just went right down to hell. next, we had the long jump and high jump, both of which went bad, which after reflection, I found was due to the reason stated above. Now came the most awaited of the days events , the 4x100 relay and we had not much of a team at hand.
However, we came in 2nd! the remarkable thing is, following my principle mentioned in a post of mine, I reflected and got the right results. I found out that I was too much concerned with winning that I was completely blind of the reason I was there. Because I love to run. With this realization in mind, I went to the starting line and my heart was not frantic, I felt so happy and then I did what I liked to do, run, run with the wind in the hair, run leaving behind all worries, run to freedom, and thus victory. It paid off!!!

Well, that's it. No wonder it is said, "Failure is the stepping stone to success".
To sum up, Don't make last minute plan-changes.
Do things because like to do it and not because of the rewards.

A Small Lesson from History..

Today, my friend and I were just discussing our old syllabi when something crept up. HISTORY!!
The question is, is more history necessarily better?
My opinion, NO. Its what you learn from the history, and not how much you learn. One may learn a million pages worth of history and imbibe almost nothing from it while another may read just one page and get whole universe of wisdom from it. Which is worth it?

There's this story that is pretty popular around here. There are these twins, one a very prosperous one and the other in utter poverty. One is a very decent and well- mannered guy while the other is drunkard and infamous. Once, they were interviewed about their conditions, both answers started with the same first lines, "Our father was a drunkard." But the next line made all the difference in their lives. The drunkard said,"I learned what he showed me.", while the other said," I learned from what he showed me." Its that small four letter word that made all the difference- "FROM"

I dont think I'll have to explain the story but I would like to extend this to our topic,history.
Its not the history that you learn but what you learn from the at history that makes the difference.

A quiz not so well performed...

Had a quiz today and sadly we didn't hit the mark although we were expecting a good result. (we have no idea what went wrong). Well, all the complains aside, what I wanted to mention was my partner's reactions after the results were announced. He was very disappointed that we did not get on to the next round while I was enjoying the fact that we were the only ones who got the privilege of attending the quiz and getting a wonderful tour of the naval base (that was were the quiz was) an not to forget the wonderful snacks served afterwards. Considering the amount of knowledge gained and the good food, I would never say that it was a loss or a failure but a great success although I'm sure he would not agree with me!!!

Anyway, all I wanted to draw your attention to is the fact that one has to enjoy life, Every moment of it. Learn from the past, enjoy the present, don't be afraid of the future!!

Check these out..

Guys, please check out these poems by me and tell me what you think

Beauty Ignored
One Morning...

One is about the rain and its miseries
The other about success and the need for

"small steps,
simple yet daring."

All criticisms are welcome. I'm all ears to any comment and I would really appreciate some frank opinions. I might even consider some links to good commentors.

The Beauty Ignored

The rain....
It showers from the heavens like nectar, livens up the earth.

Yet, it is very much ignored. A good many of us exclaim and are annoyed when it rains. We , many a times wish that it wouldn't rain. In fact, we find rain a something very unwelcome.

Still, it is in fact one of the essentials of life. A month without at least a shower would be a torture. The heat would be unbearable, the dust in the air at an all time high. Everything dries up and life starts shriveling. Yet, we find it annoying.

But Why?

I'm baffled too. That is why I present it before you. In this case, no number of cooks is "too many " to "spoil the broth". But one conclusion that I reached is that it is the emphasis on "formal" and "dignified" conduct. Don't ask me what is formal or dignified but these seems to be the limiting factors when it comes to enjoying life in its entirety. For example, today, me and my friends were walking along the road and the rain was so heavy that we were drenched in spite of the umbrella. Had we not had our bags with us we would have very gladly closed our umbrellas and would have enjoyed the "getting drenched" part a lot more. Still, along the way after sometime, somehow we started splashing water on each other and we were least bothered about the few onlookers along the road. We had a good time! I believe it is important to enjoy life, to its fullest; because you only get one chance.

So my sincere and humblest request, do give the little drops a thought once in a while.
By the way, please do check out this poem by me, Beauty Ignored

A Sudden Thought..

Today, our English teacher was taking class when she started talking about how we tend to do things just for the sake of it, just to stand with the crowd. All that was well, but what she said next struck me. " We sometimes regret doing them when we think back".

Well, this is the point I want you to think about. Have you ever felt a Deep regret about something and has it affected you?

Regret has the very undesirable effect of getting to your head. It is like a voice inside your head which echos on and on your inabilities, amplifying and bloating them up. It is like lead in a paper boat, a hole in a mighty ship. However mighty the ship be, it would eventually sink if not mended. Likewise, the mind weighed down by regret or its aftereffects would never be able to succeed unless it is completely torn off and burned to ashes.

Personally, my policy is to leave my past behind. Learn from it but not stare at it. Enjoy what can be enjoyed but not sit over those stinging thorns. Take the roses, learn to avoid the sharp tips next time. This way, one learns from bad experience and still doesn't feel slumped by your mistakes (as I have seen many are). That hit on the head, once in a while, is good... to wake you up from the dream to the reality and prompts you to take action. That way, failures will never be failures but reminders of what went wrong. The tests we take are milestones, milestones showing how far we are from our goals. Observe them carefully. If you find a decrease in performance, don't just push yourself harder. Stop. Sit. And analyze. Rash or unthoughtful actions never won the battle. But, the right balance between time spent on thinking and time spent acting is essential, as neither alone can do anything.

And here I stop , to act, and to leave you to think the rest...
Let me know your experiences and what you think about what I just expressed...
Any related comments are welcome. Also, I wanted to let everyone that, If you feel the need, feel free to express yourself anonymously ( This is especially to my "real life" friends). No hard feelings towards any commentators.....

A Confession

I confess..
I've been a bit greedy.

This coupled with some recent experiences urges me to make this post.

I've told a couple of people, friends and fellow bloggers, don't look for the rewards. Doing what you like is a reward in itself. Now, I can show you why!!!

Some advertising sites give incentives to make blog posts, like Adgitise. Well, I really wanted to upgrade a couple of things and was trying to find away to do so. So in a bid to make some extra cash, for a week or 2 I had posted daily, but now on looking back, I realise that some of those posts were not so powerful and were there just for being posted. This of course is not an acceptable scenario. So, I've decides to cut short the number of posts and make them more substantial.
In short, I'm going to sacrifice posting frequency for quality... (hopefully).
And this of course, is just one example out of many.

So basically, as far as I've observed, looking only for the reward has brought more downfalls than good. Keeping that balance between "Keeping your eyes on the ball" and "playing it for the fun of it" seems to be the definite and simple formula for success.

Always speak the truth,
think before you speak,
and write it down afterwards.

Lewis Carroll

It just caught my attention, so am posting it. Wouldn't that mean you'll be thinking, speaking and writing only the truth?

Who is a Teacher?

Who is a Teacher?

Is it one who knows everything? One who teaches you everything?

Where did the question come from?

The other day I was reading a chapter about how Albert Einstein was kicked out or rather quit his school, fed up with the school routines and how his teachers were very irritated with his attitude towards education. A teacher asked him his view about education and he replied that he believed that education is not learning facts that can be read from books but learning new things.

So, who is a teacher?
Certainly, not ones that I mentioned at first.

To me, a teacher is anyone who can teach you anything. He/she maybe bad at all other things but maybe able to assist you in a particular thing. To me, every friend of mine is a teacher, even strangers who can teach me something is a teacher. Moreover, a teacher is one who is ready to accept, when asked something unknown to them, that they don't know it. I find this to be the most important quality of a good teacher. A good teacher is an eternal student.

In fact, I've had a few experiences where I asked our teacher a doubt and was almost scolded for it. And my mind simply refuses to accept such "teachers".Even a person who doesn't know "much" can be a good teacher if he/she can induce in their students a genuine interest in the subject and ignite their minds with imagination beyond words and the thirst for knowledge.

So, what does a teacher mean to you?

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Lulled was I by the cold
Like a thief it crept upon me.
Pulled me it into an abyss
Dark at first all around
And then, an ambience dim.

Off in the distance stood a girl
her form vague and uncertain
Yet, as the distance closed
Beheld did I her magnificence

Her curls long and hiding
mysteries unheard by man.
Her eyes intense yet caring
like the autumn before the spring

Lushed was where she stood,
by flowers never seen before.
Bright was the ground she stood on
An eerie glow though it was.

Outstretched, she her hand for me
Long, faint yet strong
My will powerless against her unearthly lure
gave mine her.

Soon, over vast oceans we passed,
floated did we over mountains.
Like gazelles did she take me over the plains
And by us were explored
caves plunged in eternal darkness.

Return did we to the same old spot
Nothing seems to have changed.
Yet, as I began to utter
a mist rolled by uninvited
Thin,turning thick
Faded did she
her sweet voice still ringing,
"I am Dream, Life is yet to come;


The poem may not seem so relevant to the theme of this site and indeed it is not so much but I want to draw your attention to those last lines, wonder, wander not wither.
These three abilities can together guarantee a VERY satisfactory and happy life.I do not use satisfactory here in the usual sense but to refer to ones own satisfaction.

Wonder about all that you see around you. Ask why. Find the answer.
Wander, with all your heart, not only in the sense of travel but get to know more.
Not Wither, most importantly, be strong against all opposition. Stand your ground for right
no matter what.(Of course, one may "scheme" when no other path is open to win a battle").

And, by the way, Don't you agree that the title is a bit deceptive?

The Sure Prize

Today I read a post at atenean101 which made me think (which I expressed in a comment there)....

When in a world of competition,people tend to forget to do what their hearts yearn to... they tend to give more importance to what others think of them... how much importance or respect or consideration others are giving them.. BUT in my opinion, its what you do that really matters in the end....

Quoting what I wrote there...

I would say ,though not very experienced, is don't worry about others.... Do what you do best and be happy with it... Sooner or later you'll be rewarded by others... but more importantly you'll be rewarded everyday by your conscience!!!!!!!!!

This way, you'll be constantly be rewarded (by your heart and mind) and finally there's a good chance of getting a reward from others... but even if you don't get it... You'll still be a winner!!!!!
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I didn't think that many people would support my ideas about the fireworks that I mentioned before but it seems it is not so....
Today morning I saw (in NDTV) a campaign against the use of fireworks highlighting the noise and air pollution it causes.....
Hope I've been able convey some message!!!!!!

Light some lamps..

Imagine.... A whole village, so remote that they have never seen a power distribution wire, running on solar power!!!!

Well that's what NDTV's "Greenathon" has achieved.... not just one but hundreds of villages in rural India can now enjoy greater freedom and more work hours thanks to the thousands of solar lanterns distributed by them as a part of their LIGHT A BILLION LIVES program.....

This is even more significant as today is DEEPAVALI ,The festival of lights. In the past ,it was celebrated small lights made by lighting a wick in small earthen cups.Even though this is still practiced, nowadays, fireworks has taken the limelight. To me this is so disappointing because I advocated against fireworks because they are immensely polluting and its just like burning away money in seconds.Moreover, the lights are a spectacle to behold..........

Well.... just letting out my feelings.... Anyway...
HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all of you and give those millions who are still in the dark a thought....

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We spend our days waiting for the ideal path to appear in front of us.
But what we forget is that
the path is made by walking and not by waiting.

Thought I should share it you.......
Remind ourselves that there is no path except the ones we walk on.....
There is nothing that can't be done......

All that is needed is the will and the confidence to enact it

Wanna get better?

Push yourself

Thats my standard answer to my friends who ask me why I do something which to them doesn't seem worth it..... Like spending hours on problem or playing till absolutely exhausted.

My principle is that unless you reach your current limit you'll never be able to get beyond that and if you want to get beyond that you have to forcefully push yourself... not too much though... Just enough to give you the satisfaction of doing it..... I would say about 10-15% beyond......

Oh... just noticed the status message of one of my friends.... Be all that you can be

which brings to my mind another thought.... People tend to shy away from expressing themselves ,thinking about what their friends and onlookers would think..... But, if you think that it is indeed something that is worth doing or saying, something that you truly believe in , Then fear not.... for friends who do not understand you or doesn't even try to do so are friends not worth having.... It's time time to find others..... Fortunately, most of my "friends" are good ones in this sense and I'm grateful for this..............

Share your thoughts.......
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The Fragrance Of Earth......

I'm always enchanted by the smell of the new earth the comes when it rains after along time. It fills me with an amazing thrust of new life and a savoury hunger for more of life.......

It is just simply amazing (I'm at a loss for a better word....)

Some of you might have noticed that I love the rain from my past couple of posts about rain.....
But the first reaction to a blackening sky is "Oh no!!! It's going to rain"..... Why??????

Enjoy life..........

Baxter Bog SunImage by Douglas Brown via Flickr

Enjoy Life.........

That's all I had to say to my friend who used to complain (always) that "Its so boring!!!"
That's all he had to say,when eating or in class......... and today suddenly I told him "enjoy life"
Well, if you do something and enjoy doing it you wouldn't feel that it is boring. And so it is in life, at least I believe so.........

Anyway you have only one of it..... Have no regrets about it........ Don't regret the past..... Make sure you won't regret in the future due to your present actions........ And most importantly......


Scientific explanation of noisy classes......

Expansion of gas to exlpain entropyImage via Wikipedia

Entropy Increases with time

Simple and concise.And for those of you who doesn't know or never cared to listen in your chemistry classes, entropy is the randomness or "disorderly"ness of something.

So just as entropy increasing with time naturally, it seems our life's and actions and the world too seems to be becoming more chaotic...... Could this be an explantaion for why our class keeps on getting noisier and noisier by the minute????

Probably not. I know kind of a lame explanation........ But one can always give it a try!!!!!

Those who never failed never tried!!!!

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Been thinking about my thoughts........

اشتاقImage by *iFatma via Flickr

For the past few days, I've been thinking about my thoughts and this blog........ I have really made a "substantial" post in while. In fact what happens is that most days I'll be too busy to think about what is happening or else even if I get something to write about, probably by the time I get in front of the computer, I'll lose the feel of it. You know how it is...... You got to write from he heart or it doesn't sound right!!!!!!!!! The heart gives you the feel to write, the words to express and the punch to the thoughts...... Hopefully I'll be more vigilant from now on!!!!!!!!
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Met some old friends..........

Meeting old friends has a particular charm to it. It just brings back all those nice moments hidden away in the jungle of thoughts back into perspective...........

Off in another direction... For some weird reason, my life seems far more busy and crammed these days........ I am yet to find the reason. Maybe its because we have so much to study this year and the entrance coaching .I wish there was some way to increase the number of hours per day!!!!!

Wow... My 100th post!!

Hanging By The Sun

I was just simply going to make this post when I noticed from the dashboard that it is my 100th post!!!!

I never realized this until now.

Well back to the matter...... I want your opinion about this situation.

Our class board has a glass base and some rather too mischievious classmates of mine has broken it.Now the school is asking the whole of the class to pay for it.Some of us , the more mature type ;) , is refusing to do so ebcause we had no part in it..........

What do you think????????

Sorry, too late today for a post. Will come over tomorrow(will try!!!!!!!!!)

A Birthday wish

My sister's b'day today and I wanted to wish her in front of hte WHOLE world (or at least those who read this blog). Caring, and sweet , THANK YOU dear SISTER and HAPPY B'day

Poems of life

Onward my march'll be,
To the destiny I choose
stride or swift as wind,

Making sure I enjoy along!!!

I like making poems but only short ones, maximum of six lines never more and if I do indeed try to write more I doesn't sound right.(not that it would otherwise!)Waiting for my poetry writing contest and hoping I'll get selected.I'll aslo have to ask my teacher for it so that I can post it here, because as you might have guessed, if I'm writing a poem it'll be aligned with this blog.

PS If that picture is a bit too abstract ,check out its explanation

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A message!!!!

Even today somebody landed here with a search for Funny Insights!!!!!!!
Going to let it be.....

And by the way, a message

If you are reading this, do check out this.

your student
(Don't want to reveal my name, what with all the web privacy hype!!!!!)

Wonder why!!!!!!

I like checking which stuff gets the most hits in ths blog and I've been noyicing that Funny Insights is the most searched for item on this blog!!!(from google)

Wonder why!!!!

If you have some theories, do share them..........

Mahatma Gandhi

I'm sure the web is filled with stuff about this great soul and therefore I'm not going to write a long post about him. However ,even though a bit late, I want to pay homage to him and hence thought I should write something about him.............

I guess the easiest thing is to give you his message......... His LIFE!!!!!!!!

May the world bear witness to others like the MAHATMA (literally,"great soul").........

The Cover of the Book

I'm sure all of you have heard "Don't judge the book by the cover" ..... but today I experienced it....

Somedays I come back from school by bus and today it was raining heavily.There is a small shed at the stop and me , a few friends of mine and 2 men were sitting inside.We were all having umbrellas.One of the men looked kind of rough....... Well,what taught me my lesson was the moment a lady came by and started waiting for the bus.It was raining heavily and she was trying desperately to cover her head with the end of her Saree to keep dry but to no use. Then the man (whom I thought was rough!!) stepped up and lent his umbrella to the lady for using then. I was having an umbrella in my hand and nothing passed my head even vaguely near that.

I was absolutely amazed and thoroughly ashamed that even after being educated and being educated and EVEN after listen to a speech about the values of education ( about which I shall be writing a post, [its a bit late now]) and Gandhian values on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, I failed to realize the duties I ought to have carried out.........

Will make a dedicated effort to better myself!!!!!!!!!!!

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A glass of cold water!!!!!!!!!!!

A glass of cold water and now I'm suffering............ a simply superb cough following which a bonus package of body pain!! What else can you ask for??? Missing a quiz which I was supposed to be attending with my team mate!!!!!!!!

What else can I say??/

A quote and a link...

A long overdue link.... I came across this quote on the blog of my most frequent commenter Revelations Zero.
A wonderful guy....... Do check it out...

And a wonderful message......


The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine and she mentioned "proper chat language"
and further explained that its when you don't understand anything......... What's the point of language if the message to be conveyed never makes it across the bridge??????

A common comment!!!!!!!!!

t minus thirty somethingImage by [ r ♥ c e y t ♥ y ] {I br♥ke for bokeh} via Flickr

A couple of my friends know of this blog of mine and the comment I have heard most often is "I didn't understand a word". I'm pretty there's a good amount of exaggeration in that but I guess its more like an aversion to thinking differently or lack of openess in accepting revolutions. Wonder why???????
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Experiment with a laser (U.S.Image via Wikipedia

(sorry, a small prologue is essential)

The other day we had to do some high school physics practicals. We were given photostats of the experiments (thankfully) and had only to fill up the values as per our experiments. In the starting there was some confusion about which experiment goes to who and I got one and as is my nature I started doing it as I felt was fit and wrote down with pencil. After all, it was time for experimenting and why not use the time for it rather than wait for our teacher to come and explain and there were no delicate instruments involved.

But then she came by and told me that what I did was wrong and that the readings were wrong.(no surprise and no hard feelings). But then she told that I ought not to do such things, ie. do things on my own but wait for her explanation and that I wasted my time!!!!
I never felt so and will never do so either because every second spent in doing something on your own is a second worth of knowledge and wisdom......

I would like your comment and opinion on this.......... Please......
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Ohhhh lost it again!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had at least a 10 minute longer memory...... Sometimes peotry comes to me spontaneously and so it did 5 minutes ago and by the time I'm in front of the computer I forget it!!!!!!!!

I do however remember a line or half.......

......begins a day....
To face all but defeat,
To know all but fear,
To win nothing but hearts.

No.... That's not exactly how it was .... It was better then....
Got to do something about my memory soon...... before I forget about that ;)

The Paradox of Life

The Paradox of Life

The contemporary world races past at lightning speed with technological innovations being introduced by the second and markets suffering losses in billions of dollars by the minute. Men and women working frantically for a better job, greater status. Children studying for hours on end just to get that little extra mark to be on the top. The question arises, "Where are we racing to?"

In this apparent race of life, we tend to forget the more important aspects of life. Developments take place at any cost, even if it means cutting down your life supply, the trees or poisoning your own drink, the rivers. The magic of the nature that prevailed for billions of years are at a threat of destruction in a few decades. The beauty around us goes unnoticed, the language of nature forgotten and its lessons unheeded.

The concept of knowledge, wisdom and teaching also seems to have taken grievous turns. The world of a child seems to revolve around the marks he scores for a test or his ability to perfectly recall, word by word, the content of his textbooks. However, we forget that life is not about scores or text books but about living together and supplementing others as much as you can. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Emphasis on exams too has dealt a serious blow on the knowledge or rather wisdom gained by a student. The often hectic schedules of exams means that students are dragged along with the flow or dropped off. Those who do manage to hold on often are not able to grasp the concept or message conveyed completely and to contemplate on the same. Children are taught from as "exam point of view" and as this syllabus often has to be strictly adhered to, many of the doubts that come across a child's dynamic mind never find a window of opportunity to be expressed and are put off and so is his natural inquisitiveness.

Younger children are often made 'disciplined'. Certainly, a basic concept of courteousness is essential but beyond that, if a child is bound by customs and 'civility', his natural infinite curiosity on everything will be extinguished. As somebody said, "the greatest achievement of man would be to keep his childish curiosities throughout life" and certainly such and man is sure to succeed in any field that he lays his hands on.

Another related unapparent "flaw" present today, as expressed by the "revolutionary" new teacher in the movie, "Dead Poet's Society" is the "Dangers of Conformity" referring to the tendency of men to 'go with the flow'. Nobody questions the system, until an observer often from outside the system questions it. Once in the flow, one is either unaware of its flaws or are reluctant to express them for fear of retribution and this is one of the reasons for corruption, inefficiency and often unjustifiable traditions. The great men that we often recall from the history and praise have all gone "against the flow". They dared to think beyond what was taught to them and dared to talk about it. Every single famous personality of the past brought to our by few moments of recollection would have at least one revolutionary deed or a concept ,completely unimaginable at the time, to present to the world in their quiver. From the times of Plato and Archimedes to Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa and Abraham Lincon, the examples are numerous. They all have realized that what one is told or taught in not always true or right. The mistakes of the past must not be carried on must be mended. And the first step to that is to find out what is to be mended and this can only be achieved by questioning that which is known.

These concepts have often caught the imagination of many great poets, an example of people who did not forget to take their imagination when they embarked on the journey of life. "The road less travelled by" in the the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost talks about the same. It may be harder to trudge along the road less traveled but would give one the satisfaction of fulfilling desires and trusting oneself and of course of doing something different form the monotony of the ages.

This leads us to another often mistaken and controversial concept, Success. The question, what is success would probably yield as many different answers as the number of people it is asked to but most of them would probably hint that a good job, high status, wealth and fame as their idea of success. And this is what many educationists are trying for their 'disciples' to achieve. However, in my opinion, as is of many others, success should not be attributed to wealth but to satisfaction, the satisfaction that you have done what seems right to you and that you ave contributed to the world. This view of success not only stops you from trampling over others in the frantic race to the mirage but also gives you a particularly pleasant peace of mind and contentment.

To the question," What is the solution to all these problems?", the only apparent answer is to be aware of what one is doing as the saying goes"Look before you Leap". Think for oneself about what others have said, oppose what is not right, learn from the nature, choose your own path, if need be make one, and above all , Think Anew!


PS. If you find any mistakes,spellings or otherwise, please do tell me.Also, feel free to critisie any point I may have put forward or have omitted.Hope you like it.If you do please tell others about it too.
If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you might find the essay has many already mentioned points........ and this post being my longest is long overdue......

A Prologue

Just wanted to mention the circumstances of the essay that I'll soon be posting.

Two of my favorite topics are science and then as suggested by this blog... thinking.
The other day we got an English assignment.... "Write about anything other than science"

Obviously ,the essay is 'different'.I wonder what her reactions would be.But she already knows that I'm a bit "eccentric". ....

Well anyway expect it in a day or two... I still haven't found time enough to type in the full five pages that we had to write.........

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A Thinking Essay

Tree Bench Tree FenceImage by 96dpi via Flickr

Just found an interesting essay about Thinking here. I'll be posting one of my recent essays soon... as soon as I can find time to type in.....

Technorati claim code


Easier thoughts

I just added a new chat box widget hoping to make it easier for you readers and thinkers to express yourself......... So feel free, its easier to think now!!!

An absolutely beautiful site.Wonderful posts.... TRY IT

Need comments on this comment

The other day ,I was just surfing and came across this post and I couldn't resist post this comment

In my opinion, parents tend to be over protective of children.In the past,as far as I have observed , children were let of on their own and they managed just as well and as an added bonus they develop life skills. But be overprotective and the consequences are not so happy…. In my opinion.. ;)

Please tell me what you think..............

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Do what you love and love will come to you,
Do what makes you happy and happiness will come to you,
Help those in need and help will come to you,
Speak wisely with others and they will do so too.


A perfect world?

A Perfect World
Not something that we hear rarely but I just read that statement on a blog I was browsing and something struck me....
What is PERFECT?

In fact ,nothing is perfect. Something is perfect only as long as something better comes out .Until then ,it was the best known , so it was "perfect" .But once something better is known ,then wornt that become perfect.

Coming to the world, now we may be unhappy with some aspect of life,maybe standard of living, nut if for some reason our standard of living increases to our expected level we raise the expectations to an even greater level. So where is PERFECT?

So, dont expect perfect .... its not logical!!!

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Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.

Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

You'll be happy only if you realise you are worth being happy.......

After all happiness is an emotion and state of mind and it is something that we make of ourself.....

So BE HAPPY........ its ONAM and Happy Onam wishes


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