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A day that taught me the greatest of things!!!

Today was our sports day at school. No, the results are not that good, but it taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life, which I applied today and found to be true.

1) Never change your plans at the last moment. I'm not going to explain the circumstances that taught me this but it is very true. The plan that you made before hand is the best bet you have for peak performance. Primarily because your mind is already tuned to do it as best as you can and secondly because the last minute change that you make cannot guarantee that you would perform any better or even that it is any better a plan than it was before.

2)Do things or compete not for the sake of winning but for the fun of it. Because you love to do.
Here's what happened. We had a 100m sprint, the first competition, and I completely ruined it because I really wanted to win it. The moment I stepped on, my heart started beating faster and the performance just went right down to hell. next, we had the long jump and high jump, both of which went bad, which after reflection, I found was due to the reason stated above. Now came the most awaited of the days events , the 4x100 relay and we had not much of a team at hand.
However, we came in 2nd! the remarkable thing is, following my principle mentioned in a post of mine, I reflected and got the right results. I found out that I was too much concerned with winning that I was completely blind of the reason I was there. Because I love to run. With this realization in mind, I went to the starting line and my heart was not frantic, I felt so happy and then I did what I liked to do, run, run with the wind in the hair, run leaving behind all worries, run to freedom, and thus victory. It paid off!!!

Well, that's it. No wonder it is said, "Failure is the stepping stone to success".
To sum up, Don't make last minute plan-changes.
Do things because like to do it and not because of the rewards.

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TheFlyOnTheWall November 16, 2009 at 8:43 AM  

Oh I would agree don't change your plans at the last minute. I learned that lesson on tests. Change my answer at the last minute and it would be the one I got wrong, errr!

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