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A Small Lesson from History..

Today, my friend and I were just discussing our old syllabi when something crept up. HISTORY!!
The question is, is more history necessarily better?
My opinion, NO. Its what you learn from the history, and not how much you learn. One may learn a million pages worth of history and imbibe almost nothing from it while another may read just one page and get whole universe of wisdom from it. Which is worth it?

There's this story that is pretty popular around here. There are these twins, one a very prosperous one and the other in utter poverty. One is a very decent and well- mannered guy while the other is drunkard and infamous. Once, they were interviewed about their conditions, both answers started with the same first lines, "Our father was a drunkard." But the next line made all the difference in their lives. The drunkard said,"I learned what he showed me.", while the other said," I learned from what he showed me." Its that small four letter word that made all the difference- "FROM"

I dont think I'll have to explain the story but I would like to extend this to our topic,history.
Its not the history that you learn but what you learn from the at history that makes the difference.

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