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A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
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A couple of chats

A few days back I had a chat with one of my good friends. He is a great guy but he was very sad about how he performed for his exams. But, the matter of fact is, we both performed almost the same in almost all the exams. However, that chat session was a real gem and I would like to share it with you.

Yesterday, I had another chat with another of my friend. This one was a short one but I wasn't quite expecting such replies from such a brilliant (perhaps a bit wacky but brilliant) girl. That one doesn't have much but just a single point that I would like to highlight. But a very important one nevertheless.

The original conversations were in "chat-language", so I had to edit them. I'm publishing only the relevant (but continous) parts and have added some clarifications in [ ] but apart from that, these are 100%  honest and real conversations.

Him:I did way below my expectations for the exams
and I'm totally disappointed
Me:which exam?
Him:That may be pulling me back.
The exams that we wrote a month ago. Have you already forgotten?


I just couldn't stop myself from expressing this, but what happened to all that talk about natural beauty and self acceptance? Of late I've been seeing more and more ads about beauty products in the course of my short cartoon, science shows and movies and the newer ones really have started to bother me. The latest one is a new "Underarm fairness cream/deodorant" or something of that sort!!

Why this obsession with extreme fairness? One of the latest ads featured two girls, one of them as pale skinned as the 'white people' (please don't take this as a racist phrase) and this one asking the other how she got an even paler skin!! Frankly

I, Me & Myself

Ever felt bad when you've had a great day followed by a bland one?
It made me think, "Hey, if all days were bland, then I wouldn't have felt bad."  It isn't the most ideal solution. In fact, it isn't a solution at all nor do I claim it to be one. It's just a thought that popped into my head. I wonder why I felt bad about it.

A smile..

When I leave a post half way through for more than a month at a stretch I know that I'm getting obsessed with my "hobbies".

Back to the more important stuff, the other day , one of my old classmate put up a picture of hers on Facebook and I was astonished. Back then, all of us knew that we couldn't stop her from smiling but now, after two years, when I asked her about the serious looking photo she had put up, all she said was, "I've changed. Can't I be serious?".

Of course people can change, but the question is, for the better or for worse?

Of all the people that I've met, very few have the uncanny ability to keep smiling even in the face of adversity. I've always admired their ability to fill any group with life and energy and to keep people active. It is a trait that I keep trying to acquire and I can confidently say "I haven't" . Maybe this admiration is due to the fact that I'm unable to keep any conversation going on with most people barring a handful or because   I once forgot how to smile or because ... no, I don't know why, but I do admire them and it is such a shame that they do not realise the immense power of a simple sweet smile can have on the world and its beings. I hope she does.

Looking Back...

I'm just about to step into another 'phase' of my life, from schools to colleges  (hopefully) and I just read through most of my older posts. Now I feel that starting this blog was a great idea. It brings back old and forgotten times back to life, long forgotten ideas back to the lime light and makes sweet memories and (sometimes sour) feelings astonishingly real.

The main chord that I felt is "Enjoy Life". Hopefully, I wouldn't forget so often again.  Excuses is yet another field I feel I need to improve in. No, not make them better but rather not make them at all.

Here's an easy way to get an easy view of all the posts 

On to my offline activities, I read one of the poems that I had to learn 2 years back. It's a great Malayalam poem. One of the few Malayalam stuff that I read willingly. I felt it was as apt time for me to read it.


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