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Let me share some of 'em with you. Feel free to join in, argue, blatantly disagree.
Lets open, our hearts and minds and THINK ANEW!!!

A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
Let your thoughts burst out...

Don't forget to do this on Christmas Eve!!!

It's Christmas Eve and time to celebrate...
WAIT, Didn't you forget something?

Oh ya, Wish me a Happy Birthday....

Yipee, I'm an year older and hopefully an year wiser too....

Yup, those are my B'day presents, very contrasting?
Just like my life.....

The camera, well, its a present from my DEAR sister. I love taking photos, and this beautiful DSLR means this blog and many other sites are going to get pics coming.BTW, I'm really grateful to her for being so selfless. It costs a lot and it all came from her hard earned money from her new job.
Thank You dear!!!

The other is a cute little gift from a very dear friend of mine. Since I'm on a 'no-names' terms on this blog , sadly I cant thank her fully but still, it is pretty evident to those who know me who this is from , I guess.
Cute little girl , right?
Thank you Dear.

Two great gifts from two people very close to my heart, and a lot of wishes from the others.
Great day, I guess :)
See ya soon....

Are we better?

Along overdue post but been very busy with my exams. Not for long though, going to get busy in 5 days.

Anyway, I was reading these posts over at Revelations Zero , which by the way is a personal fav of mine , about humans and I just couldn't help but think about it. But a word of caution before I begin. Most people who talk with me about humans "ethically", often find that I'm ' against humans' or something like that. However I can assure you that this is just a misunderstanding, as is often the case when it comes to matters concerning me. Wonder why!

Back to business, The question is what makes humans 'Human'.Why do we consider ourselves 'special'. Are we indeed 'special'. If you ask me, don't expect a very positive answer.

I feel, though many would for sure oppose this view, that humans are just another part of the huge and unimaginably complex nature, no more and certainly no less. However, the current spree of destruction that we are taking on ourselves could very rightly be attributed to our self proclaimed 'dominance'. But I ask, dominance over what? Certainly not over the nature and for that matter, we cant even control our own bodies very well.

Now, off to comparisons.

Team work

Certainly not a criteria that should have been put in if this had to be supportive of humans, but this is going to be ,hopefully, a neutral discussion. (Discussions need more than one speaker, so please do join in!!)I don't think it essential to give an example for teamwork. ANTS. Yes, those tiny, brainless, miscreants , in the usual terminology are indeed a marvel of nature when it comes to teamwork. Recent research showed that ant traffic is a complicated network that dynamically evolves and improves to accommodate changes in traffic and heavy weight bearers and thus avoiding jams even in a bottleneck situation.
Compare this with how we cant even manage our own cars on an 6 lanes highway even with the "sophisticated" help of satellites and huge traffic networks!



Not a very good criteria either. there are lots of animals far stronger than ourselves.


creepers, crawlers, lizards, clawed, sleek and agile. they come in many varieties and all of them better than ourselves!!

Sight, hearing, sense of smell...

Not a chance, Want to see the words human in the scoreboard, try the ends...

What else....???
There must be something that we are good at...

Do I hear emotions, love, affection, caring, logic...

Think again, as I told to Rev Zero,

Just watch any good documentary and I’m sure you’ll be amply convinced that love is certainly not an emotion that separates men and “beast” (as we call them). I would say unnecessary provocations, war and violence would be more appropriate criteria. Oh, by the way, men are better at ‘making these’ than animals. That way , men could be called better than them :)
About logic, many people think that humans are 'logical' creatures. But are we? We do make a lot of illogical decisions!! Moving to a more scientific approach, "Herd Mentality", Its the phenomenon by which animals try to conform to the movement of a herd. Hey, but only animals do that! Not by a long shot! Think of how people inside act when a building catches. Everyone tries to run in the same way. You get the idea right?

If you are still not convinced that humans are different from animals in behaviour, try watching "Meerkat Manor" in Discovery channel(I think). That should be enough to convince you.

OK, I do agree that humans are better at something though,

When it comes to brains, humans are 'superior'. Not much to talk about it. You must've been thinking about his point all along that you probably have more points about this than I do!
So, please contribute!

The verdict?

Each one is the master in their own league.None better than the other in all fields. Then how can we consider ourselves better??

I wonder how many would've actually made it through this article!!
If you have, claim your spot in among the commentors and leave your mark.
And don't forget, let your minds explode (not literally, of course). Do feel free to retort to what i have said or to add any points.

And finally, if you are interested, make an article about the topic, link it here and I'll link back in my next article. What it's going to continue? Yep!

Adiós for now...

Forget not thy root

Forget not thy root

Who said these words?

I did.

However far above you get or ahead you trudge,

Forget not what you were and who pushed you along this path.

Forget not what you were back then, when you see men in trouble.

Forget not the lessons learnt along the way, the path stretches on much longer.

Forget not the roots that feed you, when tough questions ask themselves.

Learn what others did not.

Think how others did not.

Act as the people dared not.

Feel each one's heart.

Play with the youngest of them all.

Talk with the mightiest.

Enjoy the silliest.

Read the serious.

Throw away prejudices.

They are somebody else's mistakes.

Make up thy mind.

Forget not thy root.

Dunno what the title should say!!!

"Hope — it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of our greatest strength and our greatest weakness!!!"

The Architect in Matrix told this, but it seems far more relevant in the real world than in a sci-fi movie.

Dream, Its not what you see when you sleep, Its that which doesn't let you sleep!!

I don't know who said the second, I got it from a friend.

Anyway, Hope and Dream. Everyone tells us, You ought to dream, and work to fulfill them. You ought to hope for the best and work accordingly.... blah , blah blah...

But what they don't tell us is , What is hope? What is dream? As long as something is undefined and ambiguous, it could very well stand for failure and for that matter even a pencil or a pen!


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