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Indian Republic Day - Proud To Be an Indian!

A Billion people...
Dozens of Religions...
Hundreds of Languages...
Thousands of Cultures...
Even more Outlooks...
Far more Aspirations...
A huge lot more Talent!!

A Blooming economy...
An ever Evolving culture...
A Prospering population...
A geographic Marvel...
A sub-Continent in itself...
The largest Democracy...
A world of Dreamers and Doers!!!

Proud to be INDIAN!!!

Vande Mataram
JAI HIND!!! Forever and ever more!!

My Country,
My mother,
My protector,
My sustainer

I have never been so proud to be an Indian. The warmth of the day still burns and the flag flutters even as the day has almost come to an end. Today, when the united India turns 63 on this 26th of January, the Republic of India has stands proud and unequaled on more than a few aspects. The world does and forever will watch this huge population of diversity as can be seen NOWHERE else,
growing as one,
thinking as one,
singing "Vande Mataram" as one.

India faces challenges faced by no other nation in the world. Its one Billion citizens share not one or two  but 1,652 languages, innumerable cultures having its roots deep in the history and from around the world. A logistical, technological, in fact in all ways, a huge nightmare. Add to that the fact that it is the world's largest active, participative democracy with over 738 million eligible voters employing nearly 7 billion goverment officials as election personnel.
The voice of a billion heard and heeded.
A land Of  the People, By  the People, For the People.

With climate of all ranges, geographic features of all kinds from volcanoes to glacier, from flood plains to the Thar Desert 9th largest in the world, from 5717 km of coast line to 8611 m high mountains, with 3 oceans and thousands of rivers, India has is blessed with all that mother nature has to offer. Vivid views, vibrant biodiversity, a wonderful climate and being able to watch both the sunset and the sunrise from the same spot is definitely thrilling!

Still holding fast to the high ideals of our freedom fighters and the never to be forgotten Mahatma Gandhi, who truly was a "Great Soul", of secularism, peace, love and tolerance. A military strength to be reckoned with and yet one which never wishes to use its might. A technological marvel, which,  even in the face of millions struggling (which is nothing to be proud of),  is forging ahead with a steadfast pace towards even more technological dominance with a space program that is among the best in the world. A space program for the people, technology with humanity as its priority!

Bharath Mata Ki....

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