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Yes, I'm still here! Got my leg plastered, so bunking school for a week and got a chance to post something.

First off, my deepest condolences to our school principal who lost her husband to an accident.

Now, about me. It's amazing how a fraction of a second can cost you a lot. I was playing basketball, placed my foot a tad bit sidewards, and there you have it, an ankle sprain and a broken ligament .

This was on a Friday, last Friday and the very next Monday I was supposed to say a speech for the Environmental Day. But, I couldn't go and even though I had passed the stuff on to some friends, highly doubt that the message has been conveyed. So here it is.


This Environmental Day , I do not wish to speak about conservation or the need to protect the nature for these topics have been amply raised and seems to have little effect.

The lights remain on and leaking taps keep leaking. The excuse? Some big and some small; Globalisation, busy life, I forgot, its just one light or just one drop leaking. I believe these are not the real reason behind our largely careless attitude towards nature. It is a lack of knowledge. Not the academic, book and curriculum knowledge but the one from personal experiences.

We are highly unaware of the intricacies and beauty around us.

Even creatures that many of us feel are disgusting are in fact amazingly intricate.

Take for example the common house lizard. We have all seen it probably tried to get rid of it. But did you know that its eyes are decorated by a beautiful pattern with a very deep glow. Every creature, plant and flower holds with it a wonder , waiting to be revealed, all one has to is look!

The sight of a dew drop glistening on the grass on an early winter morning or the extravagant mix of colours on an intricate spider web in the sun are sights that are all around us. But the question, is how many of us have noticed it , given a thought to it?

In my personal experience, sights such as these are what pushes us to protect the nature.
The sense of wonder and the ecstasy brought forth by such sights are beyond words and can only be experienced. But, more importantly, these leave within us a long lasting impact, one if love and caring for the nature. One that 'forces' us to look for some little way to keep these sights around.

Today, we do not love it or understand it enough to feel the need to have it around us. We do not realise that the nature is the greatest of creators and the greatest survivor. We may say that we are destroying the nature ; the end of world is near, but the surprising reality is, the only losers would be us, humans. Nature will find ways to overcome. It may take time , but she will surely sprout again but we would not be around to see it.

Now that we know the problem, what is the solution?

It is in fact very simple and obvious . All one has to do is open ones eyes. In the past,the prevalence of an agricultural lineage meant that people were more closely associated with the nature and hence knew it better and cared better. But now, we live in a concrete jungle , a fortress, unaware of what lies beyond our walls. The smallest and easiest step that one could take would be gardening. it need not be the best of plants nor the most beautiful ones nor the useful ones. All it takes is a few minutes. It helps to feel closer to the nature and moreover, it has been scientifically proven that greenery has a soothing effect and it is a welcome break for our eyes from the strenuous computer and TV screens and books!

So, friends, Open your hearts and eyes to the world around you. Look closely at what you have given no thought to yet and you may be surprised at what you find!

Let us care for our Mother Earth


Well, that's it for now. Will be gone for a while now but rest assured, I WILL BE BACK.


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