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(sorry, a small prologue is essential)

The other day we had to do some high school physics practicals. We were given photostats of the experiments (thankfully) and had only to fill up the values as per our experiments. In the starting there was some confusion about which experiment goes to who and I got one and as is my nature I started doing it as I felt was fit and wrote down with pencil. After all, it was time for experimenting and why not use the time for it rather than wait for our teacher to come and explain and there were no delicate instruments involved.

But then she came by and told me that what I did was wrong and that the readings were wrong.(no surprise and no hard feelings). But then she told that I ought not to do such things, ie. do things on my own but wait for her explanation and that I wasted my time!!!!
I never felt so and will never do so either because every second spent in doing something on your own is a second worth of knowledge and wisdom......

I would like your comment and opinion on this.......... Please......
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Revelations: Zero September 27, 2009 at 9:06 PM  

The best way to learn things is by doing them yourself, hence why I don't like the education system. I don't see how you were wasting your time, if you'd spent the time waiting for the teacher doing nothing that would have been wasting your time. It's not like you hurt anyone.

Although, depending on the experiment, maybe it's best to wait. An occassion where I burnt my arm with acid comes to mind...

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