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Who's my Teacher?

Teacher's day is over and the question about education sparks questions again.

Our class teacher is really caring and loving, but sadly a good portion of our class doesn't act as though it is even a bit significant. Everyday, she comes to class and 45 minutes(one period) later, she goes frustrated. In the Physics class, hardly a few ever listens.


Lack of the so called 'value education'. Well, I'm really against it, because as far as I've seen and heard , its all about some religion. And, moreover, who cares to listen.

No, that's not it.

I think it is the lack of mainly two things.

Firstly, the lack of a deep sense of respect and gratitude towards ones teachers.

Who is a teacher? 
To me ,

  • anyone who can teach me anything of value. 
  • Anyone who advices me for good. 
  • Anyone who points me in the right direction(metaphorically speaking).

I have no idea as to how others can inculcate this into the students. I'll leave that to the "educationists" to figure out.

Secondly, often, it is a wrong approach to teaching, the wrong method, the wrong impressions and such.
I love physics, and it is such  a beautiful subject. But, the wrong approach to any subject can make it a nightmare. As soon as I realized this and the fact that Physics was and still is my favorite, I felt much better in the class. Even though I've requested my teacher to change her methods for a better class, I don't think that's going to make much of a difference, now that almost everyone in the class is totally distracted.

That brings to another interesting aspect of a teacher. Every successful teacher is in constant competition with their students.Not in terms of intellect but in terms of staying in touch and precise. The moment a teacher makes a mistake, its all lost. Getting back a class back in the palm of your hands is really the key. The very first day to the very last, a teacher has to  stay on the top and be ever vigilant. Good enough to anticipate every students every action and yet forever be one among them. Forever a student, in a give and take relationship with every child. Teaching and learning. Sharing and caring. Encouraging difficult questions. Any teacher who stops a student from asking a question is not a teacher. That's a teacher worth having!

The Menacing looks and chocolate wrapper?

Been a while since my last post. Sorry for that,been very busy. Still am, but found a couple of patches of 30 seconds that I could use ;) 

First up, took this shot a couple of days back. Who would've guessed grasshoppers were so serious about taking their photos taken! The weird thing is, when I showed this to my father, he said , referring to my obsession about nature that I'd probably marry a 'dragon fly or a grasshopper' (It sounds better in Malayalam)

At school, we have a chapter about AC (alternating current) in physics. One day, one of my friends asked me, "Do these stuff really exists?" and it struck me how badly our education system is proceeding. Many are unaware of many of the things that are easily available around us. Since I had a pretty good collection of 'stuff' at my house, I took a couple of stuff to class under a request from my teacher.

Well, needless to say, upon seeing a transformer which I took to break apart to show the insides, I got all sorts of guesses as to what it was... I almost heard every component that we learned in that chapter (or atleast what they remembered).

After I took off the cover, a couple of girls (who also suggested all the names I mentioned before) got to work (sadly during the class). In between they called me and showed me this(below). It looks pretty real from afar( the thing at the back; like a chocolate wrappper). It is in fact the cover around a transformer.( I put a red arrow showing that but I guess it is a bit too small, oops!) Pretty creative, aren't they? What's more, they ensured that they wrote their names on the back!!

Well, I guess that's all the time I've got. Will write up a some stuff about education soon...


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