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Most Influential III : Good Teachers

Its so tough to get good teachers and when you finally get some good ones they usually go for a better salary package at some other school

I write this post in tribute and recognition to my favorite teachers,the ones who have influenced me the most, the best ones I have met in their respective fields, the most caring, the most effective , the BEST......

  • Principal
    The one I respect and thank the most.........a wonderful teacher and guide .....experienced and smart , intelligent and creative,liberal and forward thinking,innovative and challenging..............I'm talking about the first principal of St Paul's International school, Mr Jose Joseph Alumkal

  • Teacher 1
    The teacher with an amazing control over the class and still one of the friendliest ,she holds the rein of the class without a single punishment ,she has one of the best balance of control, caring,and joking, intelligent and very good in her subject( History),very caring and maintains a very personal touch,very good at managing stuff .................Mrs Ursula

  • Teacher 2
    The most caring and personal teacher with a lot of knowledge in her subject (English), gives an extremely personal training and advise , less adjectives because you ave to attend her class and talk to her to understand what I'm talking about ;) .....................Mrs Ragam

  • Teacher 3
    Strong and well-built,tall and sturdy,one of the best Basketball coach,caring and encouraging ,he has a wonderful way of coaching us molding and pushing us to greater heights.Giving perfect guidence,understanding each and everyone's strengths and weaknesses,considering everyone equals,caring or strict as the situation calls ...................Mr Vijay Kumar.

These are the most wonderful teachers I have ever met.There exists many others but none as good as these 'mentors' as our principal used to call them.

They have contributed greatly to my development and I thank them greatly and remember them with the deepest of gratitude........

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