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Indepedence Day

August 15...........
A day of celebrations for the whole country.........
But is it just superficial or truly felt
The schools celebrate this day with special programs and speech(s)
but how many really fells the importance,value and the true meaning of independence
Today's independence day celebrations of my school ,I feel ,has lost its charm!!!!
And I am really bothered about it.

What is the true meaning of Independence?
Is it a complete isolation ????
If not, then it is the independence from what?
India ,from where i hail , is a land of diverse culture but it is still called a NATION [and I am proud of it :) ]
then why cant the whole world be considered as a nation???
Isn't the word 'Independence' suggestive of man's thirst for power?????
power over what????
I do not understand!!!

Anyway I hope that in the coming years people would consider the day That 'INDIA fulfilled its Tryst With Destiny' with more enthusiasm and emotional and heart-felt feelings.

Nature and animals

this seems to be a highly repeated topics and slightly controversial
But still I would like to present it

Is it right to hurt animals on sight??????

I have seen people running everywhere and smashing at insects and suchlike as soon as they
set their eyes on them!!!!!!
But whats so scary about insects ????
I can understand it when people see snakes they get scared.Of course,which is not always necessary.
But what to get afraid of these small beautiful insects.
As I understand it,this is because of their lack of knowledge and ..........

......the fault of our educational system!!!!!!!!!
Today children are asked to
1)Learn what is in the text books
2)Spend your time studying from books
3)Don't waste time looking at the nature and all..........

At least this is what I think most (not all) of our education is teaching us

and ..........
one more thing
follow and try to imitate as a much as you can some famous personalities

correct me if I am wrong
but I have very rarely heard anyone that I know of advising any student to make their own methods....Pave Their Own Paths........

If everyone is trying to be like a handful of people
then wouldn't everybody end up trying to be like everyone else and no one being unique????

Dont know if anybody understood any of this.............................


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