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Talking with passion.....

So much to say.....So little time!!!

Well, as part of our English classes ,all of us are required to make speeches, one per term......
And to day was my turn to speak. If you have been an avid reader of this blog (very few,sadly) you would know that our school has a very 'natural' surrounding and has its share of bugs especially centipedes.And the funniest part is, as soon as anyone sees one of them, a scream starts ,one mighty enough to bring down the house! So , I resolved to speak about the same........

Most others spoke about Einstein or the swine flu but me about a simple everyday observation.... an illogical fear of harmless creatures. I was totally unprepared in the usual sense ...... I had no idea about the actual stuff I was to say. Well, only knowing that I had to convey my feelings about the reactions.

According to me , it went pretty well. Me being not a really good orator , I may not have been very moving but the point I want you to note is..... I was able to speak well even when I was unperpared and I owe this to the fact that I spoke with passion deep from the heart.........

After all....

"Words that do not provoke thoughts are words not worth uttering"
-- Diff.Thinkr

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