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Thoughts and Actions, that's what drives me.
Let me share some of 'em with you. Feel free to join in, argue, blatantly disagree.
Lets open, our hearts and minds and THINK ANEW!!!

A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
Let your thoughts burst out...

It's all about me!!!

Today, I was just thinking about myself and suddenly a thought occurred to me. I don't seem to be interested in most of the things that my peers are in. Although this is not applicable to "all" the things ;) , it is in general true. I find neither sports nor cars nor bikes fascinating. I don't prefer playing to studying. I don't prefer to sit at the back of the classes, nor do I try to cut classes!

I am intrigued by the creatures that most are either disgusted of or are afraid. Like that gecko that you can see a bit below and am crazy about electronics, computers ,robotics ,relativity and all that crazy stuff, waaaaaay above my head.

Well that just about helped me let out a bit of steam from all the hectic schedule.If you actually made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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Think, Think, Think and when you feel you can no more, talk and make others think.

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