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A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
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A Sudden Thought..

Today, our English teacher was taking class when she started talking about how we tend to do things just for the sake of it, just to stand with the crowd. All that was well, but what she said next struck me. " We sometimes regret doing them when we think back".

Well, this is the point I want you to think about. Have you ever felt a Deep regret about something and has it affected you?

Regret has the very undesirable effect of getting to your head. It is like a voice inside your head which echos on and on your inabilities, amplifying and bloating them up. It is like lead in a paper boat, a hole in a mighty ship. However mighty the ship be, it would eventually sink if not mended. Likewise, the mind weighed down by regret or its aftereffects would never be able to succeed unless it is completely torn off and burned to ashes.

Personally, my policy is to leave my past behind. Learn from it but not stare at it. Enjoy what can be enjoyed but not sit over those stinging thorns. Take the roses, learn to avoid the sharp tips next time. This way, one learns from bad experience and still doesn't feel slumped by your mistakes (as I have seen many are). That hit on the head, once in a while, is good... to wake you up from the dream to the reality and prompts you to take action. That way, failures will never be failures but reminders of what went wrong. The tests we take are milestones, milestones showing how far we are from our goals. Observe them carefully. If you find a decrease in performance, don't just push yourself harder. Stop. Sit. And analyze. Rash or unthoughtful actions never won the battle. But, the right balance between time spent on thinking and time spent acting is essential, as neither alone can do anything.

And here I stop , to act, and to leave you to think the rest...
Let me know your experiences and what you think about what I just expressed...
Any related comments are welcome. Also, I wanted to let everyone that, If you feel the need, feel free to express yourself anonymously ( This is especially to my "real life" friends). No hard feelings towards any commentators.....

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