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A Confession

I confess..
I've been a bit greedy.

This coupled with some recent experiences urges me to make this post.

I've told a couple of people, friends and fellow bloggers, don't look for the rewards. Doing what you like is a reward in itself. Now, I can show you why!!!

Some advertising sites give incentives to make blog posts, like Adgitise. Well, I really wanted to upgrade a couple of things and was trying to find away to do so. So in a bid to make some extra cash, for a week or 2 I had posted daily, but now on looking back, I realise that some of those posts were not so powerful and were there just for being posted. This of course is not an acceptable scenario. So, I've decides to cut short the number of posts and make them more substantial.
In short, I'm going to sacrifice posting frequency for quality... (hopefully).
And this of course, is just one example out of many.

So basically, as far as I've observed, looking only for the reward has brought more downfalls than good. Keeping that balance between "Keeping your eyes on the ball" and "playing it for the fun of it" seems to be the definite and simple formula for success.

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Revelations Zero November 3, 2009 at 5:26 AM  

Good decision. I still have trouble writing substantial quality posts as I'm really busy, but I congratulate you on making the decision for quality of quantity.

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