THINK ANEW !!!!!!!!

Thoughts and Actions, that's what drives me.
Let me share some of 'em with you. Feel free to join in, argue, blatantly disagree.
Lets open, our hearts and minds and THINK ANEW!!!

A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
Let your thoughts burst out...

Rain so cold...

Rain so cold,

Rain so fun,

From whence thou come

No matter.

Too beautiful to Ignore

See for yourself, admire the beauty and remind yourself how much marvelous stuff go by us completely unnoticed. Keep your eyes and mind wide open!

The Gecko Eye

Its amazing how much Beauty go about us unnoticed. We live immersed in intricate beauty and amazing structures ,yet we are ignorant of most of it.

Here's what I mean. Take the humble household lizard. Just the usual ones that you find all around the house. Now look very closely,What do You see?



All persons ought to endeavor to follow what is right, and not what is established.
Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC)

I just couldn't let such a good and powerful message just pass away unnoticed!

I wish everyone was a thinker like Aristotle ( there are no limits to dreams!).

I have put forward this idea many-a-times here, don't go with the flow just because it is flowing, only do so if you think it is a path worthy of pursuit. Mahatma Gandhi once said, An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. That would happen IF someone along the way doesn't realise that just becuase everyone does something doesn't mean it is right.

Think! then ACT.

A couple of changes and an offer

Since I got some time during my short vacation, I have made some optimizations on this site and tried to make it easier and faster.

The commenting is easier since the comment form pops up instead of reloading the whole page.
The page load time reduced by about a whole second .
Took out a lot of scripts and made the coding 'cleaner'.
Put up a navigation bar and a random posts button.
Put up a top commentators widget.

And let me remind you, active critics and commentators get to put up their badges (with links) on the sidebar.


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