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Another One

Human or Animal?????

Just one question!!!

Which is more preferred by you?
being called

1) a human

2) an animal??

come on...what am i talking about?
who wants to be called an animal?
of course everyone wants to be called a human!!!......aren't those your thoughts now
most probably

but then what makes a person better than an animal OR
an animal better than a human?

hmmm.... that's easy rite?
everyone knows that
we are taught from our very young ages....HUMANS are SOCIAL animals

is that what makes humans better than animals

or we are said that humans are affectionate and caring ,they take care of their y9oung ones and friends

hey do many animals switch on Nat Geo or animal planet for an hour and you'll see how most animals take care of their young or how even a wounded deer mother would fight against leopard to defend its child!!!!!!
now , isn't that affection? isn't that caring?
most large herds of cattle protect the wounded by keeping them at the very center ....isn't that friendship.If anyone of the animal young are attacked, all the animals would fight for it!!!!! lets get to another question.........maybe as one of my school textbooks said that first question was NOT A GOOD QUESTION !!!

Then what is the question????/
are Humans better than Animals????/
NO that question is also not satisfactory


Are humans any better than animals?is there a difference?

now, that is a good question.this leads us to other questions too...
are humans the dominant ones
do we own the earth????????

In the movie "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL",someone remarks "this is our earth" and it is true
This is not our earth
we are nothing more important than any ant or any elephant.we are just insignificant parts of nature
not any pinnacle of evolution or anything like that.

the moment this revelation comes upon you , every man would start to try to be like any other animal,in his own way.And what ,ideally should that way be?

If you ask me i would say,a non polluting ,all loving,non prejudiced species.
a creature that doesn't fight over matters or difference of religion or caste or sex.

Wouldn't such a world be a dream????????????????

maybe ,I'm becoming too idealistic and Utopian,
maybe not

Dream .............
that is the first step...........
to GLORY...............

The madman

Every once in a while a person proposes something so radical that everyone calls him a madman.

As far as know this had been true for most 'changers of the society'!!!!!!

i am writing this now because some have i observed that have seen suffering from this kind of critisim,being a victim myself

every once in a while , someone does something differently ,thinks differently and often the reaction is the same

His friends & family pulls him back
tells his come back to 'life'

Dunno when this is going to come to an end but one thing is for sure its not going to happen until someone ,even better everyone starts to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonded by the custom!!!!!

As many of my posts (from the few) are, not many would agree to these thoughts because as someone said (I think it was Einstein),The society is able to accept only one change at at time .

But, I feel that it is too late to have time to wait for implementing one change at a time. The world is progressing at such breakneck speeds that the nature has also increased its pace.This would mean that the consequences of our actions will be felt much more faster. Therefore every wrong action would be accelerating us towards DOOM even faster!!!!!!!!!

What am I talking about? You may wonder.

My father always insists that the way I am concerned about the ways of the society is going give me troubles in life!!!!!

The previous day, I had the misfortune of watching a fireworks display at a religious occasion but do you think it is necessary to do so. I do not, what is a cracker than just a small form of a bomb, an explosive way of making more pollution and making our life shorter.
I found that most people are not bothered by this but I was extremely bothered that my father said it was not possible to change anything as it was the custom of the people that had been followed for a long time. But then I argued with him, if the custom is to kill a person every week then would you accept to kill yourself one day. He did not say anything. I knew that we had to change things that had to be changed.

Then the other day, I heard a speech by one of my school mates at the morning assembly of my school. It was about superstition, he said that we are rational beings that are not to be fooled by superstition and that we have to use our brains to find out what is wrong from the right and so and so on, and the principal of our school also congratulated him for his speech and for introducing such a good topic.

I've been really thinking, what we are doing?
Are really thinking of what we are going?
Do we have any idea how much harm?
How we are killing us, every day, every second!!
Most of us are aware of the dangers we are making for ourselves,
the traps we are making for ourselves but none of us think about what we are doing. Most of us do not bother to put these knowledge into practical use!!


Today being in India our school like most others asked the students to spend sometime as "service day".In our case 1 hour.
Each class was assigned a particular area and ours was a region filled with grasses behind our school.the teachers too joined us for the event.
But as always i was disappointed by the attitudes of the teachers and the largely ignorant students.
Only a few maybe 1 or 2 of my schoolmates were worried about the activities of the day.
Every year no matter how much more is learned every year,the students and even more sadly the teachers who are supposed to lead us remain largely ignorant of what exactly is top be done!!!!!!!!
Everyone loves plucking all the grasses, all the plants but none are worried about the numerous plastics,including toffee wrappers,bottles and covers that are spread all over the campus the students who are so keen on taking out the plants after exerting so much force are not able to pickup these fore mentioned plastics!!!!!

Why are we not able to ask Why???/
Why are we just blindly following our orders???????
Why are we not bothered about our only home?????? THE EARTH
Why are we just blindly following our orders???????
Why are we not bothered about our only home?????? THE EARTH

Indepedence Day

August 15...........
A day of celebrations for the whole country.........
But is it just superficial or truly felt
The schools celebrate this day with special programs and speech(s)
but how many really fells the importance,value and the true meaning of independence
Today's independence day celebrations of my school ,I feel ,has lost its charm!!!!
And I am really bothered about it.

What is the true meaning of Independence?
Is it a complete isolation ????
If not, then it is the independence from what?
India ,from where i hail , is a land of diverse culture but it is still called a NATION [and I am proud of it :) ]
then why cant the whole world be considered as a nation???
Isn't the word 'Independence' suggestive of man's thirst for power?????
power over what????
I do not understand!!!

Anyway I hope that in the coming years people would consider the day That 'INDIA fulfilled its Tryst With Destiny' with more enthusiasm and emotional and heart-felt feelings.

Nature and animals

this seems to be a highly repeated topics and slightly controversial
But still I would like to present it

Is it right to hurt animals on sight??????

I have seen people running everywhere and smashing at insects and suchlike as soon as they
set their eyes on them!!!!!!
But whats so scary about insects ????
I can understand it when people see snakes they get scared.Of course,which is not always necessary.
But what to get afraid of these small beautiful insects.
As I understand it,this is because of their lack of knowledge and ..........

......the fault of our educational system!!!!!!!!!
Today children are asked to
1)Learn what is in the text books
2)Spend your time studying from books
3)Don't waste time looking at the nature and all..........

At least this is what I think most (not all) of our education is teaching us

and ..........
one more thing
follow and try to imitate as a much as you can some famous personalities

correct me if I am wrong
but I have very rarely heard anyone that I know of advising any student to make their own methods....Pave Their Own Paths........

If everyone is trying to be like a handful of people
then wouldn't everybody end up trying to be like everyone else and no one being unique????

Dont know if anybody understood any of this.............................


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