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The Cover of the Book

I'm sure all of you have heard "Don't judge the book by the cover" ..... but today I experienced it....

Somedays I come back from school by bus and today it was raining heavily.There is a small shed at the stop and me , a few friends of mine and 2 men were sitting inside.We were all having umbrellas.One of the men looked kind of rough....... Well,what taught me my lesson was the moment a lady came by and started waiting for the bus.It was raining heavily and she was trying desperately to cover her head with the end of her Saree to keep dry but to no use. Then the man (whom I thought was rough!!) stepped up and lent his umbrella to the lady for using then. I was having an umbrella in my hand and nothing passed my head even vaguely near that.

I was absolutely amazed and thoroughly ashamed that even after being educated and being educated and EVEN after listen to a speech about the values of education ( about which I shall be writing a post, [its a bit late now]) and Gandhian values on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, I failed to realize the duties I ought to have carried out.........

Will make a dedicated effort to better myself!!!!!!!!!!!

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