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A quiz not so well performed...

Had a quiz today and sadly we didn't hit the mark although we were expecting a good result. (we have no idea what went wrong). Well, all the complains aside, what I wanted to mention was my partner's reactions after the results were announced. He was very disappointed that we did not get on to the next round while I was enjoying the fact that we were the only ones who got the privilege of attending the quiz and getting a wonderful tour of the naval base (that was were the quiz was) an not to forget the wonderful snacks served afterwards. Considering the amount of knowledge gained and the good food, I would never say that it was a loss or a failure but a great success although I'm sure he would not agree with me!!!

Anyway, all I wanted to draw your attention to is the fact that one has to enjoy life, Every moment of it. Learn from the past, enjoy the present, don't be afraid of the future!!

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