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Who is a Teacher?

Who is a Teacher?

Is it one who knows everything? One who teaches you everything?

Where did the question come from?

The other day I was reading a chapter about how Albert Einstein was kicked out or rather quit his school, fed up with the school routines and how his teachers were very irritated with his attitude towards education. A teacher asked him his view about education and he replied that he believed that education is not learning facts that can be read from books but learning new things.

So, who is a teacher?
Certainly, not ones that I mentioned at first.

To me, a teacher is anyone who can teach you anything. He/she maybe bad at all other things but maybe able to assist you in a particular thing. To me, every friend of mine is a teacher, even strangers who can teach me something is a teacher. Moreover, a teacher is one who is ready to accept, when asked something unknown to them, that they don't know it. I find this to be the most important quality of a good teacher. A good teacher is an eternal student.

In fact, I've had a few experiences where I asked our teacher a doubt and was almost scolded for it. And my mind simply refuses to accept such "teachers".Even a person who doesn't know "much" can be a good teacher if he/she can induce in their students a genuine interest in the subject and ignite their minds with imagination beyond words and the thirst for knowledge.

So, what does a teacher mean to you?

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