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Lulled was I by the cold
Like a thief it crept upon me.
Pulled me it into an abyss
Dark at first all around
And then, an ambience dim.

Off in the distance stood a girl
her form vague and uncertain
Yet, as the distance closed
Beheld did I her magnificence

Her curls long and hiding
mysteries unheard by man.
Her eyes intense yet caring
like the autumn before the spring

Lushed was where she stood,
by flowers never seen before.
Bright was the ground she stood on
An eerie glow though it was.

Outstretched, she her hand for me
Long, faint yet strong
My will powerless against her unearthly lure
gave mine her.

Soon, over vast oceans we passed,
floated did we over mountains.
Like gazelles did she take me over the plains
And by us were explored
caves plunged in eternal darkness.

Return did we to the same old spot
Nothing seems to have changed.
Yet, as I began to utter
a mist rolled by uninvited
Thin,turning thick
Faded did she
her sweet voice still ringing,
"I am Dream, Life is yet to come;


The poem may not seem so relevant to the theme of this site and indeed it is not so much but I want to draw your attention to those last lines, wonder, wander not wither.
These three abilities can together guarantee a VERY satisfactory and happy life.I do not use satisfactory here in the usual sense but to refer to ones own satisfaction.

Wonder about all that you see around you. Ask why. Find the answer.
Wander, with all your heart, not only in the sense of travel but get to know more.
Not Wither, most importantly, be strong against all opposition. Stand your ground for right
no matter what.(Of course, one may "scheme" when no other path is open to win a battle").

And, by the way, Don't you agree that the title is a bit deceptive?

2 Thoughts:

Emm October 23, 2009 at 5:41 PM  

That is a really beautiful powerful poem. Did you write it?

Diff.Thinkr October 23, 2009 at 6:12 PM  

Thanks Emm for the praise. Yes I did write it.

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