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In case someone wondered, I'm still alive and breathing. Sorry for the long gap, had lots of exams and looking forward to a couple more.

This "exam season" was a real eye opener for me. All the exams that I wrote in the past two months are supposed to be "important" and "life-changing" exams. But for some reason, I felt not a bit of anxiety or fear. My friends were almost cursing me for my carefree attitude.

Fear is a monster lurking in the shadows to catch the unwary. It is like a "logic suppressant". I say this for good reason for I have experienced it.

One day, a couple of months  back I was completely overcome by an irrational fear ... I don't know why! But it completely froze me out and I was almost paranoid that day and to this day I still don't know what I was afraid of that day. I tried my best to reason myself out of it but it was no good. That incident made me realized how dangerous a phenomenon fear is. Of course, in certain cases, fear helps with adrenaline as when your are about to face a black bear but then in today's world, adrenaline seems too slow especially with all the speeding cars on todays roads!

The fact that it almost always seems to decrease performance  is all the more reason  to avoid it at all cost!

Moving on, even with all these exams on hand I have managed to keep my 'work' schedule intact. It was something I had promised myself that I would do this season as most of the time in the past I used to completely change my timetables and it would wreck everything. Now, some days I program from 8 am to 9pm with maybe an hour of lunch and a couple of naps towards the evening. That around 10 hours a day! Thanks to workrave I'm still almost fit. Sometimes I think that I'm going crazy and then realize that I'm safe from such a situation as I already am crazy!!

Well, ces't la vie ...


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