THINK ANEW !!!!!!!!

Thoughts and Actions, that's what drives me.
Let me share some of 'em with you. Feel free to join in, argue, blatantly disagree.
Lets open, our hearts and minds and THINK ANEW!!!

A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
Let your thoughts burst out...

It's That Time Again!!

Another year is passing us by,
a year of hectic schedules, loads of work, endless list of things to study.

Yet, a year of revelations, thoughts, words, actions, self discovery, seeding of thoughts, influencing, (and, to some extent being influenced), discovering new friends and old ones too, surprising facts, mind boggling riddles, little naughtiness ;) and loads of fun.

I learnt a lot this year, more than what my schools taught me, a lot more! I now see beauty in all creatures. Everything fascinates me. I'm more observant and a lot more curious. And it is my honest belief that I think I have passed on at least some of these thoughts, insights and way of life to my friends, which I think will make a difference.

The year past may have taught us much but may the year ahead teach us much much more. And it's finally time to do it again...

                                --Diff Thinkr

Just Be Yourself

"jz b urself..!! more an no less!!"
 (Just be Yourself..!! no more and no less!!)

So wrote a close friend of mine while chatting and over the past few days the same message came up over many media. Each time I put them aside but this time I Write!

Remember  Ratatouille ? That movie about a cute little mouse that wanted to be a chef and finally rose up to be one?

Remember Po? That Big Fat Panda who fought the strong and most feared tiger to save the whole Valley ?

None of them were anything above the rest and they were certainly not 'born' to be the 'one' and yet by just being themselves , not by their race, caste, creed, or relatives, but just themselves, they did what they dreamed to.

Why would being yourself serve you better than trying to be someone else like some great hero form the past? For a very simple reason which we often forget. "You are what you are." You are best equipped to be yourself and only yourself. Trying to be someone else is like living the rest of your lives behind a mask of shame.

Did anybody watch Narnia:The voyage of the Dawn Treader? Well, in it Lucy wishes to be more like her sister Susan and the 'Lion' Aslan shows her how important she (Lucy) is as she is. Aslan reminds her that it was because of Lucy that the four of them found Narnia and hence is extremely important and reminds her to be , in effect, be herself.

Now, I wish to take you on a journey (not much of  a journey but still for namesakes let it be called so) to an incident from my English class.

One day our English teacher asked us to name our role models/ favourites. Most of them named either a movie star or a national leader or their parents or someone of that sort. As it happened I was to say mine almost to the end and when I got my chance all I had to say was "None". I told her that I take something from everyone. When you think about it , no one is perfect. Then how can you have a single 'Role model' . As I find it, the best thing one can do is learn what seems apt from everyone that you meet. What you learn and imbibe  from someone will always be in tune with what you really are. It will be always be you.

Also, don't think that if your are 'different' in any way, people would not accept you. Always keep in mind, there will always be some who accept you for who you are and love you just because you are you. I believe that only such friendships and relations have the ability to be happy and last a long time. If you are a 'geek', don't think that you wont get friends or that people wouldn't 'hang out' with you. Never, I repeat, Never Ever change yourself with such ideas in mind. Those who are with you when you are 'you' will be the only ones who will be there when you are in need the most.

If there is one resolution that I take on every birthday of mine, its " I'll not change in any way just because I'm an year older " (and probably not even a day wiser). Over the years, as soon as I started realising 'things' I decided I'll always try to keep the 'child' in me alive. The curiosity, and inexhaustible inquisitiveness of a child are the most valuable things that everyone has to retain throughout life. I bet that It's going to be your key to success.

Above all , Keep in mind, 

You are what you Believe You are, not what others say or think you are. 
Destiny Is what You make of it, so don't sulk around about 'circumstances'.

Adieu for now ..

PS. I have started a new Photo Blog . Do check it out at ThinkabtBeauty.

PPS (PS after a PS ;) ) Here's what Sky mentioned. (BTW, she's my one and only sister. And if you are wondering if she is as crazy, maybe this will help.) But I can assure you, I'm not "that" small...


Am still Alive!!

Hey!!! I'm still alive !! just in case you're wondering. Its been a long while and still busy.

But Beware!!!

I'll be back in a couple of months, so prepare yourselves!!!

(Nope , it just sounds grand, dont worry.)

A little Clarification

I posted a couple of pics last time.
But why?
This is not a photo blog.

Then why would I post a lot of pics of these "despicable and nasty" creatures (not my opinion BTW).

Well, I just wanted to bring to the forefront the fact that in our daily , superfast lives, we miss out a lot of things. Especially the beauty of the small things. We always marvel at the "big daddies" in all fields but never the intricate, the tiny and often the intriguing counterparts of life.

So what are you waiting for? Start THINKING!

A "LITTLE" Treat

Been a Long time since my last post.
All I've got for you are a couple of pics I took in the meanwhile (at least for the time being). Still busy with my studies. Dont have enough time to write a wholesome post, so I'm leaving you these "little" (literally) treats. Just a couple of months and then I'll be Back , stronger and better.

PS: click on the pics to see in full size.

Who's my Teacher?

Teacher's day is over and the question about education sparks questions again.

Our class teacher is really caring and loving, but sadly a good portion of our class doesn't act as though it is even a bit significant. Everyday, she comes to class and 45 minutes(one period) later, she goes frustrated. In the Physics class, hardly a few ever listens.


Lack of the so called 'value education'. Well, I'm really against it, because as far as I've seen and heard , its all about some religion. And, moreover, who cares to listen.

No, that's not it.

I think it is the lack of mainly two things.

Firstly, the lack of a deep sense of respect and gratitude towards ones teachers.

Who is a teacher? 
To me ,

  • anyone who can teach me anything of value. 
  • Anyone who advices me for good. 
  • Anyone who points me in the right direction(metaphorically speaking).

I have no idea as to how others can inculcate this into the students. I'll leave that to the "educationists" to figure out.

Secondly, often, it is a wrong approach to teaching, the wrong method, the wrong impressions and such.
I love physics, and it is such  a beautiful subject. But, the wrong approach to any subject can make it a nightmare. As soon as I realized this and the fact that Physics was and still is my favorite, I felt much better in the class. Even though I've requested my teacher to change her methods for a better class, I don't think that's going to make much of a difference, now that almost everyone in the class is totally distracted.

That brings to another interesting aspect of a teacher. Every successful teacher is in constant competition with their students.Not in terms of intellect but in terms of staying in touch and precise. The moment a teacher makes a mistake, its all lost. Getting back a class back in the palm of your hands is really the key. The very first day to the very last, a teacher has to  stay on the top and be ever vigilant. Good enough to anticipate every students every action and yet forever be one among them. Forever a student, in a give and take relationship with every child. Teaching and learning. Sharing and caring. Encouraging difficult questions. Any teacher who stops a student from asking a question is not a teacher. That's a teacher worth having!

The Menacing looks and chocolate wrapper?

Been a while since my last post. Sorry for that,been very busy. Still am, but found a couple of patches of 30 seconds that I could use ;) 

First up, took this shot a couple of days back. Who would've guessed grasshoppers were so serious about taking their photos taken! The weird thing is, when I showed this to my father, he said , referring to my obsession about nature that I'd probably marry a 'dragon fly or a grasshopper' (It sounds better in Malayalam)

At school, we have a chapter about AC (alternating current) in physics. One day, one of my friends asked me, "Do these stuff really exists?" and it struck me how badly our education system is proceeding. Many are unaware of many of the things that are easily available around us. Since I had a pretty good collection of 'stuff' at my house, I took a couple of stuff to class under a request from my teacher.

Well, needless to say, upon seeing a transformer which I took to break apart to show the insides, I got all sorts of guesses as to what it was... I almost heard every component that we learned in that chapter (or atleast what they remembered).

After I took off the cover, a couple of girls (who also suggested all the names I mentioned before) got to work (sadly during the class). In between they called me and showed me this(below). It looks pretty real from afar( the thing at the back; like a chocolate wrappper). It is in fact the cover around a transformer.( I put a red arrow showing that but I guess it is a bit too small, oops!) Pretty creative, aren't they? What's more, they ensured that they wrote their names on the back!!

Well, I guess that's all the time I've got. Will write up a some stuff about education soon...


Man!!! How did I get myself into this mess!!!!

That's the question I often find myself asking these days. I took up this project for a competition and nothing seems to  be going right and I have to board my train on the 8th next month!! That's just 11 days away. And together with that all the other stuff and my computer project and school work and exams...ooooohhh.

I guess this is what Rudyard Kipling meant by

"Make one heap of all your winnings
and risk it all on one turn of pitch and toss"
in the poem IF.

Let's see if I'll be able to pll this one off without getting 'hurt'(not literally).

Its all in the pen!!

If you ask my friends, they'd say I'm crazyily in love! With nature (though some might differ ;) ). And I am.

The nature is something way beyond us all but still with us all. She's someone you could neglect and still she would love you and care for you with all her heart.She is all powerful; mighty enough to take all of humanity and all the lifeforms on Earth with just a flick of her finger or a small wisp of her breath and still she feeds and heals the world; the very world which neglects her.

So, don't you think she rigthfully deserves some love and respect.

I do think so.As a student who has to write notes all week long I found a nice way to express it.Most of us senior students have to write about one whole notebook every month on average and most use ballpoint pens for it. But why use all that plastic. Hardly anyone ever bothers to get a refill. They just get a new pen every single time. So, my solution? Use fountain pens.Simple isn't it. All one has to do is take a bit of care not to get it wet. Everything else is the same and its a huge lot cheaper too.

When my friends ask me why I write with an ink pen, I tell them the reason, but the response was not very heartening, without any active response.

But the other day, I was very happy to see that someone actually decided to follow the lead and started using an ink pen and hopefully he'll keep at it. At least, my thoughts got into him. The funny thing is, I didn't talk much about it ,just a couple of sentences to him .


Sometimes I think, how can the world be so deceptive. When at one end of it all, everything goes crystal clear and then the other end gets all charred and all hell breaks lose and you get trapped right in the middle of it all , not knowing what to do, what to think, how to act, what to say...

Anyway, wishing you all a Happy Onam.

I wish "Happy" because just the other day we had our celebrations at school and at the end of it, we all parted wishing each other "Happy Onam" and then it suddenly struck me, How else could you have Onam other than happy? I guess I thought wrong, because you can have it another way and its not Happy, so here I am wishing HAPPY ONAM.

Really wierd days these are, I get two days of holidays after a veryyyyy long time and I half felt like classes were better.Nothing seems to fit in right. Everything is getting out of their place and making all hell go loose.

I'm sorry about the very random thoughts. Its just a chain of thought right out of my head.

Crying about .....

Today was weird. In our English textbook we have a chapter which describes how the author travelled to Antarctica and describing the climate changes and such. I was listening to the explanations that our teacher gave and as usual going on with my occasional refutes when suddenly on hear all the matter in there I felt like CRYING!!. I guess it was due to all that stuff about nature (which I'm very much emotionally attached to)

What I don't get is, how can people remain so largely careless about the nature even after so much publicity, campaigns and talks. They just don't get IT!!!!


Sun in the puddle
The hole in the middle
of the black black road
And the world goes round and round.

I think I'm going crazy.Came up with this when I was walking  home today and couldn't resist writing it down

A Different View

Yes, I'm still here! Got my leg plastered, so bunking school for a week and got a chance to post something.

First off, my deepest condolences to our school principal who lost her husband to an accident.

Now, about me. It's amazing how a fraction of a second can cost you a lot. I was playing basketball, placed my foot a tad bit sidewards, and there you have it, an ankle sprain and a broken ligament .

This was on a Friday, last Friday and the very next Monday I was supposed to say a speech for the Environmental Day. But, I couldn't go and even though I had passed the stuff on to some friends, highly doubt that the message has been conveyed. So here it is.


This Environmental Day , I do not wish to speak about conservation or the need to protect the nature for these topics have been amply raised and seems to have little effect.

The lights remain on and leaking taps keep leaking. The excuse? Some big and some small; Globalisation, busy life, I forgot, its just one light or just one drop leaking. I believe these are not the real reason behind our largely careless attitude towards nature. It is a lack of knowledge. Not the academic, book and curriculum knowledge but the one from personal experiences.

We are highly unaware of the intricacies and beauty around us.

Even creatures that many of us feel are disgusting are in fact amazingly intricate.

Take for example the common house lizard. We have all seen it probably tried to get rid of it. But did you know that its eyes are decorated by a beautiful pattern with a very deep glow. Every creature, plant and flower holds with it a wonder , waiting to be revealed, all one has to is look!

The sight of a dew drop glistening on the grass on an early winter morning or the extravagant mix of colours on an intricate spider web in the sun are sights that are all around us. But the question, is how many of us have noticed it , given a thought to it?

In my personal experience, sights such as these are what pushes us to protect the nature.
The sense of wonder and the ecstasy brought forth by such sights are beyond words and can only be experienced. But, more importantly, these leave within us a long lasting impact, one if love and caring for the nature. One that 'forces' us to look for some little way to keep these sights around.

Today, we do not love it or understand it enough to feel the need to have it around us. We do not realise that the nature is the greatest of creators and the greatest survivor. We may say that we are destroying the nature ; the end of world is near, but the surprising reality is, the only losers would be us, humans. Nature will find ways to overcome. It may take time , but she will surely sprout again but we would not be around to see it.

Now that we know the problem, what is the solution?

It is in fact very simple and obvious . All one has to do is open ones eyes. In the past,the prevalence of an agricultural lineage meant that people were more closely associated with the nature and hence knew it better and cared better. But now, we live in a concrete jungle , a fortress, unaware of what lies beyond our walls. The smallest and easiest step that one could take would be gardening. it need not be the best of plants nor the most beautiful ones nor the useful ones. All it takes is a few minutes. It helps to feel closer to the nature and moreover, it has been scientifically proven that greenery has a soothing effect and it is a welcome break for our eyes from the strenuous computer and TV screens and books!

So, friends, Open your hearts and eyes to the world around you. Look closely at what you have given no thought to yet and you may be surprised at what you find!

Let us care for our Mother Earth


Well, that's it for now. Will be gone for a while now but rest assured, I WILL BE BACK.

It's all about me!!!

Today, I was just thinking about myself and suddenly a thought occurred to me. I don't seem to be interested in most of the things that my peers are in. Although this is not applicable to "all" the things ;) , it is in general true. I find neither sports nor cars nor bikes fascinating. I don't prefer playing to studying. I don't prefer to sit at the back of the classes, nor do I try to cut classes!

I am intrigued by the creatures that most are either disgusted of or are afraid. Like that gecko that you can see a bit below and am crazy about electronics, computers ,robotics ,relativity and all that crazy stuff, waaaaaay above my head.

Well that just about helped me let out a bit of steam from all the hectic schedule.If you actually made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Rain so cold...

Rain so cold,

Rain so fun,

From whence thou come

No matter.

Too beautiful to Ignore

See for yourself, admire the beauty and remind yourself how much marvelous stuff go by us completely unnoticed. Keep your eyes and mind wide open!

The Gecko Eye

Its amazing how much Beauty go about us unnoticed. We live immersed in intricate beauty and amazing structures ,yet we are ignorant of most of it.

Here's what I mean. Take the humble household lizard. Just the usual ones that you find all around the house. Now look very closely,What do You see?



All persons ought to endeavor to follow what is right, and not what is established.
Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC)

I just couldn't let such a good and powerful message just pass away unnoticed!

I wish everyone was a thinker like Aristotle ( there are no limits to dreams!).

I have put forward this idea many-a-times here, don't go with the flow just because it is flowing, only do so if you think it is a path worthy of pursuit. Mahatma Gandhi once said, An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. That would happen IF someone along the way doesn't realise that just becuase everyone does something doesn't mean it is right.

Think! then ACT.

A couple of changes and an offer

Since I got some time during my short vacation, I have made some optimizations on this site and tried to make it easier and faster.

The commenting is easier since the comment form pops up instead of reloading the whole page.
The page load time reduced by about a whole second .
Took out a lot of scripts and made the coding 'cleaner'.
Put up a navigation bar and a random posts button.
Put up a top commentators widget.

And let me remind you, active critics and commentators get to put up their badges (with links) on the sidebar.

A request and a wierd coincidence

A couple of months ago, I had written a post saying that I could not get back a poem that I wrote for a competition. Well, it seems Walt Whitman (1819-1892) was right in saying

For song, issuing from its birth-place, after fulfilment, wandering,
Reck'd or unreck'd, duly with love returns.
(From the poem "The Voice of the Rain")

The poem was published in our school magazine and here I present it before you....

A Request

A gentle tap on the window pane,
A gentle rustle of the leaves,
Gently does thou caress the Earth,
So gently falls thou, oh rain !

Like the love of the mother,
Like the flow of the river,
Little drops of life thou are,
The life of Earth thou'll be !

Happy as a mariner returning,
Falling from thy heavenly abode,
Help me be as happy through,
The woes of life, I pray !

Lend me thy power of resurrection;
As thou bring life to the fields, the rivers,
Let me be the helm to this
Acrid lair of stagnant thought!

Oh rain, thou fill me with ecstasy,
Alight is the fire within me,
Thy visit has blessed me so,
bless me further through life !

-- Diff.Thinkr

And the really funny thing is, the lines I mentioned before were from a poem that talked about rain too! I never imagined that I would get to use a line from a poem in the same context to describe the behavior of my poem!

The Illusion of Control

My human instincts of laziness made me put this topic off for so long. Until, that is, when the "persuasions" became overwhelming.

First, there was the actions of someone very close to me and then there was Kung Fu Panda and then, today, Jurassic Park. Then I decided, its time. So, here goes.

All of us, at least to some extent are under the Illusion of Control. We Think we wield some power over the things that we do or own. We tend to weave a web of complacency that we are the master of those under us , our juniors, our children and wives (though I have neither) and sometimes even our friends and relatives. But Do WE?

Hard Question.Simple answer, NO.

Try making someone do something for you. No matter what you do, if that person decides, no I wont do it, then that's the end of it. One may try a path of coercion or of persuasion but neither may yield results if the latter's will is strong enough. In some cases, you could try physical or mental force, but to what extent and where all? On contemplation, not many places. Neither in the society nor the workplace.

Where else?
School? No, not when you get up to the age when you really want to control people. At college? Better get some insurance before trying something like that! At home? The Biggest (with a capital B) misconception of all! All you can really do is big talk and nothing more!

Over in Kung Fu Panda, a beautiful movie, by the way,

For those who do not wish to load the movie clip (7mb)....

Oogway: My friend, the panda will never fulfill his destiny, nor you yours until you let go of the illusion of control.
Shifu: Illusion?
Oogway: Yes.
[points at peach tree]
Oogway: Look at this tree, Shifu: I cannot make it blossom when it suits me nor make it bear fruit before its time.
Shifu: But there are things we *can* control: I can control when the fruit will fall, I can control where to plant the seed: that is no illusion, Master!
Oogway: Ah, yes. But no matter what you do, that seed will grow to be a peach tree. You may wish for an apple or an orange, but you will get a peach.
Shifu: But a peach cannot defeat Tai Lung!
Oogway: Maybe it can, if you are willing to guide, to nurture it, to believe in it.
Shifu: But how? How? I need your help, master.
Oogway: No, you just need to believe. Promise me, Shifu, promise me you will believe.

shows just what the Illusion of control means.

And over in Jurassic Park
Ellie : It's still the flea circus. It's all an illusion.
John : When we have control again –
Ellie : You never had control! That's the illusion! I was overwhelmed by the power of this place. But I made a mistake, too. I didn't have enough respect for that power and it's out now. The only thing that matters now are the people we love. Alan and Lex and Tim … John, they're out there where people are dying. So … [takes a spoonful of ice cream] it's good.
John : Spared no expense.

We never had any control and never will! Neither over ourselves, our friends nor over the nature. Your best bet is to go with it. Which brings me to a personal incident which shows just how useful working with nature can be.

There are a good number of mosquitoes over here and most of them are really dumb! At night, they manage to get themselves killed by coming right under me when I roll about in my sleep! Now, that may be funny but it leaves a lot of dead bodies on my bed and that isn't really a nice thing, is it? Now the really surprising part. There are these tiny little ants that start raiding my bed for these mosquitoes but only after I get up. And by the time I'm ready for the bed again, it would be all nice and clean and not an ant would disturb me in the night! A symbiotic relation ,if you may. I get my bed cleaned and they get their meal.

The same thing goes with some tribal farming practices. They leave the ferocious ants of the area on their own and they help the farmers get rid of all the nasty bugs that feed on their crops. Free extermination services!

So, point is, fighting it on your own or fighting it at all is not going to win the war. Maybe a single battle but not the war. Instead working with them have added advantages, especially if it is with the nature.

Coming to humans, we seem too preoccupied to identify or utilize such symbiotic relations often. So we need to start talking and persuading. This is where the control aspect usually comes into play with its bag of tricks. There is no way of forcing a person into doing something but only convincing. You have to convince the person that what he/she is about to do is in their own good interests or is in some way beneficial or at least is not malevolent. Love and good old talking seems to be the only way.

Remember swim with the flow, its easier but feel free to get out of it as soon as you feel like it.
In fact be sure to get out of the flow and rectify the flaw and if needed get yourself a good set of friends... And... Let Go of The ILLUSION!!!

C'est la vie...

Nature's Intricacies

Here are a couple of shots I took with my new camera. This fly is so small that even after getting as close to it as i can and zooming in to the maximum, I could not get it big enough. So, I had to crop it and zoom it to make it easier to view.

Notice the tiny hairs on the wings. Those are what really interested me.
Sadly, I dont know it's name. I have submitted it to but in the mean time, if anyone could help me identify it, you are most welcome and all help would be acknowledged.

Who Painted the Black Hole???

What is the color of a Black Hole?

What an absurd question, isn't it? On second thoughts though, it is not so crazy!

Black holes aren't black! They emit gamma and x-ray beams as a result of a very weird phenomena which comes about as a result of a lot of crazy ideas introduced in the twentieth century.

The uncertainty principle doesn't allow us to say something is completely empty, so we say that a couple of "virtual" particles keep on appearing and disappearing. Simple, isn't it?

Now, if one of these fall into a black hole, the other can escape out and we will be able to see this as been emitted from the black hole. So black holes aren't black afterall !! However, it is true that nothing can escape its "event horizon" once within it.

Its a bit like the black box of aeroplane, its orange!! I wonder who gives such names!!

Roar Aloud.... Its Time To ACT

Its Time to Act

Save the Tiger....
This majestic beast, more worthy of the title , King of the Beasts, walking in all its glory and glamor has always captivated me.Its beautiful stripes and the gorgeous golden coat, and a roar befitting the kings.

What else could one ask for...

There are just 1411 Tigers left!!!

Sadly this sight may never be seen by our sons and daughters. They may never lay eyes on one of the most magnificent beasts that ever walked the Earth. They may ever feel the awe that we get to when we listen to its roar.

Unless we act now...

Save Our Tigers

Do not use tiger products..
Report any instance of poaching immediately
Spread Awareness
Pledge your support

The World is Wierd....

Sometimes, the world seems too weird even to write about.....

I don't think I can explain myself....(sorry about that though)

Simply too disturbed to write....
Will do soon....
Keep tight....

No excuses this time!!!

It's been a long time since my last post and unlike previous lapses like these, I'm not going to make an excuse as to why I did not keep my commitment of writing.


I'm truly trying to keep to my ideals this time around. I think I mentioned this particular quote once before but I repeat it.

"There maybe a thousand reasons for failure but not a single excuse".

For some reason, this particular thought has caught hold of me stronger than all the other ones.

So, let me just tell you a couple of reasons....
1)Been working on an Automatic Door and Light control system - Named it AUTOCON (AUTOmation and CONservation, name courtesy of Sethuram G) -Presented it at a science exhibition and won 1st prize.

2) Now working on Face detection and tracking system for another exhibition

3)Our annual Exams coming up in mid March

Seems I finally overcame my laziness and lethargy......

See you soon...

A Great day and some disappiontments...

Yesterday was my previous school's Annual Day, and even though I'm formally no more a part of it, we, my friends and I feel a sense of belonging to it.

Personally, I feel a deep sadness within me to see that wonderful school facing off with almost certain disdain, unless some action is taken, a strong hand with a kind and innovative heart is in need!! The some of the best of the teachers moved away and the even though the quality of programs haven't suffered much, the quantity has. It was a pride for me that they were able to ensure that most students, even the untalented ones like me would get a chance to get on stage and be a part of it. I do agree the school was only growing then, but it still is, and I feel that they should seriously try to stick to this, after all, its the students and their development that matters, and its their school, right?

Another fact that I noticed was the lack of maintenance. The little pool in front of our school was not cleaned. I was hoping they would do so at least for so big a function. It was in a pitiful condition when I went there for the Christmas celebrations, but now its far worse...
I had been thinking of writing an artcile abut "The markers of a good institution" and this has certainly fast-forwarded it. Expect it soon...

However, above all, I had a great day with most of good and dear old friends and the experience was great although, there are certain things that I cannot share with you ;)

See you soon....

Unwavering Diligence...

This is one of the principles that I try to live by.

Most people tell hardwork is the key to success. But I tend to disagree. Hardwork may get a work done or help you pass an exam but it will never give you success, for success requires unwavering, and steadfast striving that can come for only the deepest of desires to get things done.

This is where Unwavering Diligence comes into the limelight. Obviously, to work diligently, one needs to choose ones choice of work carefully. Although many say , I 'HAD' to do it or it was 'FATED' thus, remember,

"One may have a thousand reasons for failure but not a single excuse."

That is a quote that struck me to the very heart. It is so meaningful yet so difficult to live by.

All one has to do is think "Come what may, nothing can stop me".

Those seven small words are the key to the greatest treasure of all times, Knowledge and Confidence, for either are worthless without the other. One needs to be confident of ones knowledge but also knowledgeable about the dangers of limitless confidence.

Think of the difficulties that you face as a mist, a veil of vapour that when the sun shines shall vanish. But where's the sun? Can't find it!

You don't necessarily need it. Just shine a torch and forge ahead. Let your heart lead the way, let the subconscious lead the conscious, pick yourself up from the puddles you fall into, unfailingly and immediately, fall not into the same puddle more than twice, And you will certainly find your way to that grand prize that we all eagerly search for,
the end of the maze will come, and you will finally find success.

But only once you realize, that doing what is worth doing and loving what is worth loving in itself the reward. There is no greater reward than satisfaction.

An Eclipse, some shots...

Here goes, my two most expensive equipments put to use together. Today, I got a great chance to see the total, though not annular solar eclipse as it passed right over our heads. since I had a program to attend today I had to run back to make it in time and made it just at the peak time.
I didn't have access to those filter glasses that some had but I had a better way of doing things, and I would like to share the excitement with you!!!

I don't know how many may have noticed this but all shadows formed during the eclipse was crescent shaped!!!

What the Apple taught us...

What did that apple teach us?

No... the apple alone can't

You need a guy with a bow and arrow too..

Aaah yes, William Tell, he might have been a great archer but the story has a greater lesson to teach.

The difference between "Right" and "Almost Right".
Imagine if the arrow veered just a bit...

Here's another situation, you get to the bus stop just as the bus you want leaves. Think of your disappointment. Well, you almost made it , but the word almost is a very tricky one, one that can land one in great troubles.

So, try not to get that six letter word in front of your five letter word ( right).


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