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A Request..

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The Beauty Ignored

The rain....
It showers from the heavens like nectar, livens up the earth.

Yet, it is very much ignored. A good many of us exclaim and are annoyed when it rains. We , many a times wish that it wouldn't rain. In fact, we find rain a something very unwelcome.

Still, it is in fact one of the essentials of life. A month without at least a shower would be a torture. The heat would be unbearable, the dust in the air at an all time high. Everything dries up and life starts shriveling. Yet, we find it annoying.

But Why?

I'm baffled too. That is why I present it before you. In this case, no number of cooks is "too many " to "spoil the broth". But one conclusion that I reached is that it is the emphasis on "formal" and "dignified" conduct. Don't ask me what is formal or dignified but these seems to be the limiting factors when it comes to enjoying life in its entirety. For example, today, me and my friends were walking along the road and the rain was so heavy that we were drenched in spite of the umbrella. Had we not had our bags with us we would have very gladly closed our umbrellas and would have enjoyed the "getting drenched" part a lot more. Still, along the way after sometime, somehow we started splashing water on each other and we were least bothered about the few onlookers along the road. We had a good time! I believe it is important to enjoy life, to its fullest; because you only get one chance.

So my sincere and humblest request, do give the little drops a thought once in a while.
By the way, please do check out this poem by me, Beauty Ignored

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