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I'm Back......

Finally my exams are over (for now ,at least. The next is only a month later!!).

"Why do you always sit alone ?" This is a question I've heard innumerable times but one to which I don't have an exact answer. "Sit" is int he sense of sitting but "in company of". Mostly my classmates ask me this and the otherday too a couple of girls came and asked me the same.

I think one reason is that not many can take my incessant rambling and often weird explanations to stuff (though always scientific, which is yet another reason). i also tend to choose my friesnd carefully and often they are only a handful. Of course I consider everyone as a friend and "almost" all of them are equals to me except a select few. The few good friends are the ones I believe will stand beside me in need and deed. More importantly, I think, they are the only ones who actually bothers listening to me and at least give the words a sliver of thought...

Well, thanks guys for listening.... Just felt like rambling.........

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