THINK ANEW !!!!!!!!

Thoughts and Actions, that's what drives me.
Let me share some of 'em with you. Feel free to join in, argue, blatantly disagree.
Lets open, our hearts and minds and THINK ANEW!!!

A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
Let your thoughts burst out...


Man!!! How did I get myself into this mess!!!!

That's the question I often find myself asking these days. I took up this project for a competition and nothing seems to  be going right and I have to board my train on the 8th next month!! That's just 11 days away. And together with that all the other stuff and my computer project and school work and exams...ooooohhh.

I guess this is what Rudyard Kipling meant by

"Make one heap of all your winnings
and risk it all on one turn of pitch and toss"
in the poem IF.

Let's see if I'll be able to pll this one off without getting 'hurt'(not literally).

Its all in the pen!!

If you ask my friends, they'd say I'm crazyily in love! With nature (though some might differ ;) ). And I am.

The nature is something way beyond us all but still with us all. She's someone you could neglect and still she would love you and care for you with all her heart.She is all powerful; mighty enough to take all of humanity and all the lifeforms on Earth with just a flick of her finger or a small wisp of her breath and still she feeds and heals the world; the very world which neglects her.

So, don't you think she rigthfully deserves some love and respect.

I do think so.As a student who has to write notes all week long I found a nice way to express it.Most of us senior students have to write about one whole notebook every month on average and most use ballpoint pens for it. But why use all that plastic. Hardly anyone ever bothers to get a refill. They just get a new pen every single time. So, my solution? Use fountain pens.Simple isn't it. All one has to do is take a bit of care not to get it wet. Everything else is the same and its a huge lot cheaper too.

When my friends ask me why I write with an ink pen, I tell them the reason, but the response was not very heartening, without any active response.

But the other day, I was very happy to see that someone actually decided to follow the lead and started using an ink pen and hopefully he'll keep at it. At least, my thoughts got into him. The funny thing is, I didn't talk much about it ,just a couple of sentences to him .


Sometimes I think, how can the world be so deceptive. When at one end of it all, everything goes crystal clear and then the other end gets all charred and all hell breaks lose and you get trapped right in the middle of it all , not knowing what to do, what to think, how to act, what to say...

Anyway, wishing you all a Happy Onam.

I wish "Happy" because just the other day we had our celebrations at school and at the end of it, we all parted wishing each other "Happy Onam" and then it suddenly struck me, How else could you have Onam other than happy? I guess I thought wrong, because you can have it another way and its not Happy, so here I am wishing HAPPY ONAM.

Really wierd days these are, I get two days of holidays after a veryyyyy long time and I half felt like classes were better.Nothing seems to fit in right. Everything is getting out of their place and making all hell go loose.

I'm sorry about the very random thoughts. Its just a chain of thought right out of my head.

Crying about .....

Today was weird. In our English textbook we have a chapter which describes how the author travelled to Antarctica and describing the climate changes and such. I was listening to the explanations that our teacher gave and as usual going on with my occasional refutes when suddenly on hear all the matter in there I felt like CRYING!!. I guess it was due to all that stuff about nature (which I'm very much emotionally attached to)

What I don't get is, how can people remain so largely careless about the nature even after so much publicity, campaigns and talks. They just don't get IT!!!!


Sun in the puddle
The hole in the middle
of the black black road
And the world goes round and round.

I think I'm going crazy.Came up with this when I was walking  home today and couldn't resist writing it down


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