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A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
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It's That Time Again!!

Another year is passing us by,
a year of hectic schedules, loads of work, endless list of things to study.

Yet, a year of revelations, thoughts, words, actions, self discovery, seeding of thoughts, influencing, (and, to some extent being influenced), discovering new friends and old ones too, surprising facts, mind boggling riddles, little naughtiness ;) and loads of fun.

I learnt a lot this year, more than what my schools taught me, a lot more! I now see beauty in all creatures. Everything fascinates me. I'm more observant and a lot more curious. And it is my honest belief that I think I have passed on at least some of these thoughts, insights and way of life to my friends, which I think will make a difference.

The year past may have taught us much but may the year ahead teach us much much more. And it's finally time to do it again...

                                --Diff Thinkr

Just Be Yourself

"jz b urself..!! more an no less!!"
 (Just be Yourself..!! no more and no less!!)

So wrote a close friend of mine while chatting and over the past few days the same message came up over many media. Each time I put them aside but this time I Write!

Remember  Ratatouille ? That movie about a cute little mouse that wanted to be a chef and finally rose up to be one?

Remember Po? That Big Fat Panda who fought the strong and most feared tiger to save the whole Valley ?

None of them were anything above the rest and they were certainly not 'born' to be the 'one' and yet by just being themselves , not by their race, caste, creed, or relatives, but just themselves, they did what they dreamed to.

Why would being yourself serve you better than trying to be someone else like some great hero form the past? For a very simple reason which we often forget. "You are what you are." You are best equipped to be yourself and only yourself. Trying to be someone else is like living the rest of your lives behind a mask of shame.

Did anybody watch Narnia:The voyage of the Dawn Treader? Well, in it Lucy wishes to be more like her sister Susan and the 'Lion' Aslan shows her how important she (Lucy) is as she is. Aslan reminds her that it was because of Lucy that the four of them found Narnia and hence is extremely important and reminds her to be , in effect, be herself.

Now, I wish to take you on a journey (not much of  a journey but still for namesakes let it be called so) to an incident from my English class.

One day our English teacher asked us to name our role models/ favourites. Most of them named either a movie star or a national leader or their parents or someone of that sort. As it happened I was to say mine almost to the end and when I got my chance all I had to say was "None". I told her that I take something from everyone. When you think about it , no one is perfect. Then how can you have a single 'Role model' . As I find it, the best thing one can do is learn what seems apt from everyone that you meet. What you learn and imbibe  from someone will always be in tune with what you really are. It will be always be you.

Also, don't think that if your are 'different' in any way, people would not accept you. Always keep in mind, there will always be some who accept you for who you are and love you just because you are you. I believe that only such friendships and relations have the ability to be happy and last a long time. If you are a 'geek', don't think that you wont get friends or that people wouldn't 'hang out' with you. Never, I repeat, Never Ever change yourself with such ideas in mind. Those who are with you when you are 'you' will be the only ones who will be there when you are in need the most.

If there is one resolution that I take on every birthday of mine, its " I'll not change in any way just because I'm an year older " (and probably not even a day wiser). Over the years, as soon as I started realising 'things' I decided I'll always try to keep the 'child' in me alive. The curiosity, and inexhaustible inquisitiveness of a child are the most valuable things that everyone has to retain throughout life. I bet that It's going to be your key to success.

Above all , Keep in mind, 

You are what you Believe You are, not what others say or think you are. 
Destiny Is what You make of it, so don't sulk around about 'circumstances'.

Adieu for now ..

PS. I have started a new Photo Blog . Do check it out at ThinkabtBeauty.

PPS (PS after a PS ;) ) Here's what Sky mentioned. (BTW, she's my one and only sister. And if you are wondering if she is as crazy, maybe this will help.) But I can assure you, I'm not "that" small...



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