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World Environment Day

The world environment day has just passed us,but i wonder how many really thought about our Mother EARTH even once during those 24h?

Hey....We are not fooling around,we have a life to live,jobs to do,people to think about and money to make.When are we going to get time to think about some earth ?????

Check out these videos

Well ,if we do soon then ,we wouldn't have have a life to live or jobs to do or people to think about or money to make.In fact you would be left with nothing because you would cease to exist.

So what can we do to help?
Do as the heart with you tell you.But remember ,you have only one home,all of us,The Earth.
There are millions of stars and planets out there but none would accommodate us let alone suffer as much.So do your bit to protect the great treasure form being irrecoverably lost.
I would only bore you with any advice at saving the planet because everything worth saying has already being said a hundred times to each one of us

TO ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!

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