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Time is RELATIVE!!!!!!

Its amazing how long you can work on a project still not know the hours and days pass away and still keep on working on it IF you love what you are doing.

For the past 2 months i've been working on ONE small but FRUSTRATING project.As soon as i solve one problem another crops up and stops me in my tracks but finally its development is gaining momentum.Finally its almost finished.Maybe a week or 2 will do the job.

So ,whats the big project?

Just two targets

  1. Open a door when someone stands on front of it
  2. Close the door after everyone inside the room exits
Sounds simple! I too thought so until i started the work and i'm still to complete the first target but now it is within sight,finally.

Previously , I used a smaller but surprisingly powerful geared motor.

Kinda crude right ?Ya,I know,but one day got a much bigger motor and now i'm using that one and the fixture is much better.........(will post a picture later)

Will update when i've completed it

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