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The forgotten smile

Have you ever noticed children playing with their ever present smile and unwavering happiness?Their sweet smiles and sweeter merry?

So where did that smile that we all once wore gone now?
Buried within the depths of our hearts,that fire still exists as splinter,I believe.

But , now and then ,I do see a man or a woman ,here or there, with that sweet smile along the walks of life.Such a sighting prompted me to write this and think about the same.I also have noticed that such people keep the people around them at a much more elevated level than others.Their constant smiles helps others to relive their tensions and anxieties,have an open outlook ,ENJOY LIFE.

Isn't that what is important?

I wonder what their secret is ....................

Lets all hope to smile like them........

Dont just live LIFE ,ENJOY it

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