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A universe in its own.....

Even though I read quite a lot,until today I had not realized the amazing power of reading
The class was so noisy that I had almost felt like screaming and running out.Fortunately,that did not happen :).With around 40boys and girls playing in the class,it felt like listening to a airplane engine at close range or standing near a launching rocket would have been much quieter.Then I was lucky enough to get hold of one of our English text books and then ,I started reading some story about how Einstein, was planning to quit school and how he was almost expelled before he forged a medical report to quit school and some reference about his view about education (to which I totally agree with).

But I did not feel the time passing neither was I bothered by the racket my classmates were making.It was about three-forth along the way that I realized that I was now confined to an entire universe of my own,a universe created by the author of the prose,inhabited by only the few characters of the narration.

A truly magical world.........

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