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An open mind

I felt like writing this because I have been fighting with someone over how I should be doing a part of my project..........

How important is it to have an open mind?
If you ask me ,I would say pretty important.


It is only with a wide open mind that you can take in new thoughts.As someone famous said ( I dont remember who)..........."You can only fill an empty cup."or in other words......"You can only enter a room with open doors" (Of course, there are other ways).So ,if you keep your mind closed how would new ideas be able to enter or emerge?

Keep your mind open,to all things,filter it out to what you feel is right and you only as much.I mentioned 'what you feel is right' because thinking for yourself is another part of opening your mind.In our present educational system,we are not making a "Thinking Population" rather a "Taking Population".We students are made to gulp down loads of texbooks ;) and put it down on an 'exam' paper.

What do we gain from it ?

For most people,this means that the science you study today will be history tomorrow ;)
so what are we doing wrong?

I would blame more of it on our teachers and parents than on our curriculum. Even when textbooks prescribe practical or activity based learning , in this fast paced and 'competitive' world of ours ,everyone is more interested in completing the portins no matter how and somehow get "very high marks",no matter the cost,even at the cost of the childs future.
The child may get the "very high marks" the others are expecting of him but the question to be raised is

"Did HE gain anything susbtantial OTHER than the high marks?"

With that thought I leave you...........

Remember ,each one of us have to change before wecan change the society

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