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Little joys.........

Life ,it seems,is not made of major events but of those little and numerous funny,naughty,silly and hilarious moments of or life :0

When I changed schools,I thought I would be relinquished of my annoying friends who used to irritate me for fun.But ,I must confess that I had never been really irritated by them (OK,maybe little,but not much :-))

But ,I just found out that you find people of certain personalities almost everywhere you go!!!

Really,I was surprised to find out that some of my classmates had the uncanny ability to irritate and disturb me just like my old classmates.Well,I am thankful for one thing for certain,they don't do so during the class because that would be disastrous.I guess,if any of you are reading this,the ones who are the protagonists would know who I'm talking about ;)

Well,even though I don't like being disturbed or irritated,I do confess that the heavier facts of life are lightened up by humor and fun and it is easier to live life better.For this I thank you,my friends................

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