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The Sure Prize

Today I read a post at atenean101 which made me think (which I expressed in a comment there)....

When in a world of competition,people tend to forget to do what their hearts yearn to... they tend to give more importance to what others think of them... how much importance or respect or consideration others are giving them.. BUT in my opinion, its what you do that really matters in the end....

Quoting what I wrote there...

I would say ,though not very experienced, is don't worry about others.... Do what you do best and be happy with it... Sooner or later you'll be rewarded by others... but more importantly you'll be rewarded everyday by your conscience!!!!!!!!!

This way, you'll be constantly be rewarded (by your heart and mind) and finally there's a good chance of getting a reward from others... but even if you don't get it... You'll still be a winner!!!!!
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Revelations Zero October 22, 2009 at 3:37 AM  

I agree. People care too much about their appearance and social status these days to do what they truly desire.

Do what you love, and you'll meet people who respect you for who you are along the way.

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