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Which is worse????????

Having exams and I almost screwed up my yesterday's exam...........
But for better or for worse,I don't know which, even though the exam was bad I don't feel bad about it!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it was that movie (Hindi) "Jab We Met" (translates to "when we met",or something like that) the other day. Leaving all the rest the main theme was "Live our life to the fullest ,you don't know how its going to end up,so enjoy it , don't worry about the future and do what you enjoy that way you won't have to blame somebody else even if your life goes haywire ... Pretty good message I think and a good movie too.........

Well, anyway I going to take in that message and not worry about the past...........

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Revelations Zero August 29, 2009 at 5:17 AM  

It's hard not to worry about the future, and it's even harder to forget the past. As much as I try...Still, those are some good words to live by.

As a somewhat selfish piece of self-promotion, I recently wrote a two-part story (as a complement to one I wrote months ago). I'd really like your opinion on it, if it's not too much trouble. The first part is titled "A Conversation".

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