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Exams Up and Disappointed.......

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Exams are up and I'm disappointed and No! ,its not about my studies its about THE system. Nowadays , education is not aimed at knowledge but rather marks, after all , who wants knowledge when you can have marks without it?

Teachers are frantic,parents are frantic and students are frantic, all to get good marks. Students are trained but only to answer particular types of questions that are EXPECTED. Nothing else matters as long as they are able to answer these questions. The concept may not be clear but the syllabus has to be stuck to so run along even if you have no idea what that last chapter was all about.

The question I ask "Is that enough?" To me ,NO.The world has grown so much that we do not give much thought to what is Happening to US. Most just go along with flow,the strong currents of the world grabbing everyone they see along the way and pulling them into the same huge river they are trapped in. The world prefers "conformity" as the movie Dead Poet's Society suggests.Rudyard Kiplings creation Mowgli was later introduced to the vilage and the people tried to make him civilised and the same we see in most stories of fiction and reallife. The ones who get sucked in stay unkown and the world ignorant of hteir talents.THe ones who dared to resist the flow and think beyond stay atop and We know them as the great ones..........

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Revelations Zero August 25, 2009 at 3:15 AM  

Educations always seemed like a waste of time to me. You'd be better off home-schooled. Secondary school doesn't prepare you for college, and college doesn't prepare you for employment.

Unfortunately employers only ever look for your diploma or similar college graduaion proof and not at your merits and skills themselves. Society is based too much on results of tests these days and not experience and proof of skill. Anybody can swot up for an exam, not everyone can apply that knowledge in the real world.

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