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Onam and a torrent of thoughts......

Its Onam time and time for celebration.... and reflection...
Onam is a time for people to enjoy and part of the festival is getting new dresses and having a hearty special meal with lots of food........
So.... Onam is coming in a few days and Today the city was stuffed.It took 2 hrs to go travel
10 km! Better walk! So, the reflection? The real onam is celebrated as somewhat of a harvest festival and is a time of prosperity even though the stories give different mythical meanings to it.Today's traffic block was due to Onam shopping but the question is "Does that make any sense when everyone buys dresses everyday?"

The Onam Feast or "Sadhya" is a really something to be reckoned with.Some 20+ items of food.... Today I had a modernized versions of it and then realised how refined and balanced the traditional order was.Eating the traditional one was satifying but the new one? It really lacks the charm......

So, the point of the whole post? Think before you follow a tradition... or changing it
Each one has a reason for existance and it might still be valid or not but its our duty to recognize if it is still valid.Keep your wits about......

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