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Crazy training!!!!!!

Today, I just went to write a test to get admitted to a course to learn to write another test to get admitted to another course.
Now that's crazy!!!!!
Didn't get what I was talking about????
IIT training courses.Thousands of these and many more thousands trying out.All for those elucid few hundred seats to those mighty and prestigious institutions.I have always wondered , why is the IIT-JEE test considered to important?Who knows.Maybe its the prestige or the impeccable training or the many offers one would is important...........

As for me specific dreams drive me ...those mighty and speckled skies have always enchanted me .I could stare at the moon or the innumerable stars that dot the skies for hours(even though I have never got a chance to do so for more than 1 hour :(

It still fascinates me ..I'm kind of in.....LOVE

The boundless extent of the vast skies and the unimaginable (probable) infinite universe is so awe inspiring,so ..............( sadly , I'm out of vocabulary)

And now I'm striving for it.......
......and by the way's something I found out .....It's always the basics that is required's always those little formulae that you learned in your high school that counts :)

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