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tried of waiting

Hey.............cant blame me!!!!
everyone is anxious about their results......
and all this babbling about the date of result announcement is really irritating me!

One says 22 may and on that day XII results come out.
the someone says 23 may or 24 may and something else comes out...........
STILL no X result .......... how patient can one be?
I just saw somewhere a "contributor"to that site had said it will come out on 29!!!!
That is the farthest one......until 25 may it was 25 and when the day dawned ,everyone was very eager...the result would come today........a years worth of hard owrk(or laziness?) will culminte on this day ...or so they thoiught........ all those doting eyes(more like tensed) of parents and comparatively less tensed eyes of the students ........all peering at the monitor

Tell you the truth i'm completel dissappointed by the fact that the results are still not out.The state and icse syllubi results are out and people are endlessly enquiring" are the results out?"or "how was the results?"and the perpetual answer is
"its not out!"
"when will it come?"
"I have no idea!"

Just hoping that the CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION would publish the date of the 2009 X results or better still the result itself so that the thousands can pu their minds to rest or at least be worried about something they know something about!!!!!!!

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