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A Request..

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Safe experimenting....................

Interested in experimenting with softwares ,or stuff from untrusted areas???

Well let me tell You the method I use for the same without badly affecting my computer.....

  1. Get sandboxie -free download

    Great software...makes sure that you can use any stuff from any where and even install malwares or whatever you want and still when its all over just delete the and box and you'll be safe from whatever would have otherwise affected you.You can also restrict intetrnet access and also find out any registry changes made (in the sandbox but not in the real reghive!!!!!!)

  2. Get a really good antivirus......

    My preferences.......
    1. If you are looking for a free solution

      try avira antivir ....its pretty good and the home version gives good features too......

    2. If you are looking for a paid solution
      (Or if you know what to GOOGLE for ;) )

      go for kaspersky if you can afford 150mb of running RAM and you want a good protection
      go for eset nod32 if you can only afford 50mb of running RAM and get a slightly lower protection but still decent enough

      If you are really paranoid anbout it ,then as i'm doing it ,install kaspersky first...this ios important and then install nod32.....ignorekaspersky when nod32 warns about it.

      complete the installation .Then when yo are in high risk situatuon enable both or your preffered one and at other times activate only nod32 for low resource on-access scanning.........It works perfectly.........

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