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Thoughts and Actions, that's what drives me.
Let me share some of 'em with you. Feel free to join in, argue, blatantly disagree.
Lets open, our hearts and minds and THINK ANEW!!!

A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
Let your thoughts burst out...

Greatest contradiction......


I now understand how valuable my friends were in my old school and how unique ,precious and supportive they were.THANK YOU GUYS . I know not when I shall meet friends of the kind as they were!!!!

Some people prefer to down trod others usually better than themselves but not always just because they feel that the latter is a threat to their fame and the more the situation favors the latter the harder it becomes for him.

"Only the rich will be stolen from"

Meaning ,you'll be targeted only if you are worth it and it you are being targeted that means you are worth it! Now , that's how you see the positive side.

One of my secret agenda in changing my school was to get more challenges and thus better myself and pit myself against the world and it seems that I have almost stepped into the arena.For a guy like me , finding a friend who accepts accepts my ideals and still is ready to advice unconditionally and objectively is difficult .When you feel sad most often the ones around you would rather torture you than help. Your "friends" after all can't be with you always.And for being with me whenever I have always felt the need I thank my friends.

The only other way I found to keep out of trouble is the other great friend I have found -BOOKS. They are unconditional ,will never abandon you and moreover can take you far away ,farther than any machine can.They transform your surroundings to a land so beautiful that you would literally forget yourself and start enjoying..........

I'll be continuing later...........sorry ......... I just feel too strongly to continue safely without hurting others.............. Thank you for your time..........

Still tough..............

There's Something About....Fog?Image by Matthew Stewart | Photographer via Flickr

I still maintain that working with certain people is tougher than ever imaginable!!!!!!!!
I'm doing this project with another guy and the topic suggested by me was jointly agreed upon but now that he has many other work at hand ,all joined voluntarily, he maintains that the topic is mine so he wont be of much use!

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and a single work well done is better than a thousand works undertaken but left uncompleted !

Anyway , now I realize that my philosophy about hard-work is indeed true. Work hard with satisfaction.Enjoy what you do.Learn more, ask more. Just preparing for this project made me learn a lot of things that otherwise would have taken years to even start.I have truly gained from it. Now ,I have been rewarded, whether we win at the competition matters not to me now.The work itself is the reward..........
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It feels so good..........

It feels so good to run out wild. It just helps to LET OUT all those anxieties and inhibitions.Just close your eyes , imagine a great forest or a vast plain, open the eyes and there before you is a world to enjoy. Let free your emotions, leave behind all those pains, RUN ,FEEL the wind on your face FEEL the exertion , ENJOY LIFE...........

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A mail and a thought

A mail I got said ...........
And these words really struck me......

Work as if you have no need of the money.
Love as if nobody ever made you suffer.
Dance as if nobody is watching you.
Sing as if nobody is hearing you.
Live as if the Paradise were on this Earth.

Dreaming of WaldenImage by Reinante aka Benquerencia via Flickr

Working not for money but for satisfaction rewards itself so much better and I'm sure nobody can make you unhappy ..........

Loving as if nobody made you suffer (I wish I could do that.....) is tough but better..

Let yourself loose...... express what you think is right withour regarding others "opinions"..(but heed them)

Live your life to the fullest........

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Busy with life..............

Our classroom has one wall full windows and it is beautiful outside with lots of plants outside.

The other day I was just thinking and something struck me! We are so unaware of the stunning beauty outside our man made prisons and we are missing so much of our lives !

"How pitiful ",I thought.Hmmmm what to do? I have no idea. Hope people would realise how much of life they are missing

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People rarely understand each other completely. I have this habit of staring at something absolutely insignificant whenever I think.My old Friends knew this but even they took some time to accept my explanation. Now it seems I'll have to go through the same or even more explanations to live!

The worst thing is.....most people arbitrarily assume that either I 'm staring at someone or that I'm thinking about some girl,but if anyone would listen to me then I'm saying "I am NOT".
But I don't expect many to agree to this but then you can't always have the world think your way!

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Your greatest enemy...........

Take a Look in the Mirror album coverImage via Wikipedia

Who's your greatest enemy?
Your opponent?
The one you don't like other other way round?

NO........It's yourself!!!!!!

(OK you might be thinking that I'm out of my mind but keep reading)

The only limiting factor that one really faces is oneself.Your are the only one who can really compete with yourself.Only your actions are the real cause of your failure and success.

So......keep your wits about you.Break the bonds.Win over yourself....SUCCEED..........
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Studies is hazardous!!!!!

Digital scan of a color plate of painting. Pri...Image via Wikipedia

Hmmm seems weird isn't it?
How would studying ever be hazardous?

Well at least in my class it is so.I have no idea what prompts my classmates to such chaos but it certainly is pitiful :(
Its all a battle in there..........a matter of life and death

That aside......oh man!!!!!! My forgetfulness is awful. I got some good points today but now its all just blank!Hope it would come back later..........
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Funny insights

Ignorance is bliss.It is foolish to be wise...

So said one of our teachers.....Hm..... At times how true isn't it?
At times ,ignoring is bliss, especially when it is someone or something that you don't like. Being wise with fools is indeed foolish because it wouldn't do any good at all. After all that's why they are called fools,right?

Skip over to another stream......

A friend of mine always says that it's very boring,regarding everything! And whats my reply ?

"Do what you love and love what you do"

....which I believe is very important

And skip again.... a little too much skipping?Its good for health ;)

I have a classmate or two who are really interested in working hard.I mean that they are absolutely trying their best to study well because they realized that they are slightly weak at studies.But, the thing that really caught my attention was the fact that they were pulled back by their friends who still prefers to slack out..something very sad indeed.Earnestly hope that they would fare better...

Longer weeks.......... I have a 7 day week compared to the 5 days week previously.That's 48 hours more.

Nah..just being sarcastic.All the classes are really getting to my head.Not getting enough time to play but then it is said -Hardwork pays.Lets put the theory to the test.Will let you know if it paid of after 2 years :)

Really hope it works ;)

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Force Without Wisdom Falls Of Its Own Weight

To me it seems that to give happiness is a far nobler goal that to attain it: and that what we exist for is much more a matter of relations to others than a matter of individual progress: much more a matter of helping others to heaven than of getting there ourselves.

Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

A bit of a long thought but still very interesting and relevant.Especially to me these days.Life always seem to throw challenges at you and often these challenges are unpleasant than otherwise.Just a couple of really irritating guys are enough to ruin your day,it seems.But then that's what life is all about ,some joys and some sorrows.Talking about life reminds me another thing.

The other day I was watching Nat Geo and 4-5 cheetahs were attacking a wilder beast .The struggle went on for quite a while and seeing the bleeding creature my sisiter asked me not to watch such violence.I told her to just watch till the end and after a while a sudden burst of energy and the beast pulled away with amazing speed.

The message?

Strive till the end . There is always a chance. Keep the hope that took you so far. Struggle for the distant dream

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Bear with.........pls.....

One day, my son, all of this bokeh will be yours

Please do bear with me for about a week or 2 because I'm getting so much work, what with all the exams and test papers and the extra exhibition work.I'll sure try to get some time for blogging though..............Hope you'll understand :)

The door......

"The door is half closed.What do You see?"

The expected answer is "The door is half open".
Why ?
You are expected to be optimistic.

But ,if you ask me ,I would say
"The door needs to be closed or opened because a half closed (or open) door does not seem to do any particular function to me.If it is open ,one can use it for going through.If closed,it blocks light,wind,intruders etc.But what use is a half closed door unless in special cases?"

Don't know how many would agree...

On the lighter side...........

Umm............ The lighter side being as important as the other......

What disease does the Mythical creature hydra suffer from?

Multiple regenerative syndrome.

not very hilarious,I know.I'm not really known for it ;)

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