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Still tough..............

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I still maintain that working with certain people is tougher than ever imaginable!!!!!!!!
I'm doing this project with another guy and the topic suggested by me was jointly agreed upon but now that he has many other work at hand ,all joined voluntarily, he maintains that the topic is mine so he wont be of much use!

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and a single work well done is better than a thousand works undertaken but left uncompleted !

Anyway , now I realize that my philosophy about hard-work is indeed true. Work hard with satisfaction.Enjoy what you do.Learn more, ask more. Just preparing for this project made me learn a lot of things that otherwise would have taken years to even start.I have truly gained from it. Now ,I have been rewarded, whether we win at the competition matters not to me now.The work itself is the reward..........
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