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Indepedence Day

August 15...........
A day of celebrations for the whole country.........
But is it just superficial or truly felt
The schools celebrate this day with special programs and speech(s)
but how many really fells the importance,value and the true meaning of independence
Today's independence day celebrations of my school ,I feel ,has lost its charm!!!!
And I am really bothered about it.

What is the true meaning of Independence?
Is it a complete isolation ????
If not, then it is the independence from what?
India ,from where i hail , is a land of diverse culture but it is still called a NATION [and I am proud of it :) ]
then why cant the whole world be considered as a nation???
Isn't the word 'Independence' suggestive of man's thirst for power?????
power over what????
I do not understand!!!

Anyway I hope that in the coming years people would consider the day That 'INDIA fulfilled its Tryst With Destiny' with more enthusiasm and emotional and heart-felt feelings.

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