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Bonded by the custom!!!!!

As many of my posts (from the few) are, not many would agree to these thoughts because as someone said (I think it was Einstein),The society is able to accept only one change at at time .

But, I feel that it is too late to have time to wait for implementing one change at a time. The world is progressing at such breakneck speeds that the nature has also increased its pace.This would mean that the consequences of our actions will be felt much more faster. Therefore every wrong action would be accelerating us towards DOOM even faster!!!!!!!!!

What am I talking about? You may wonder.

My father always insists that the way I am concerned about the ways of the society is going give me troubles in life!!!!!

The previous day, I had the misfortune of watching a fireworks display at a religious occasion but do you think it is necessary to do so. I do not, what is a cracker than just a small form of a bomb, an explosive way of making more pollution and making our life shorter.
I found that most people are not bothered by this but I was extremely bothered that my father said it was not possible to change anything as it was the custom of the people that had been followed for a long time. But then I argued with him, if the custom is to kill a person every week then would you accept to kill yourself one day. He did not say anything. I knew that we had to change things that had to be changed.

Then the other day, I heard a speech by one of my school mates at the morning assembly of my school. It was about superstition, he said that we are rational beings that are not to be fooled by superstition and that we have to use our brains to find out what is wrong from the right and so and so on, and the principal of our school also congratulated him for his speech and for introducing such a good topic.

I've been really thinking, what we are doing?
Are really thinking of what we are going?
Do we have any idea how much harm?
How we are killing us, every day, every second!!
Most of us are aware of the dangers we are making for ourselves,
the traps we are making for ourselves but none of us think about what we are doing. Most of us do not bother to put these knowledge into practical use!!

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Anonymous December 7, 2010 at 5:29 AM  

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

the spirit of life January 25, 2011 at 11:49 AM  

its true that we can change customs when society realises that the custom is a wrong one. For eg. Sati, about which we learn in our history classess.. But there were always leaders who pointed out what is wrong and convinced people and made legislations.... read in link the news of govt urging people to use fire cracker recordings (downloadable for free ) and imposing fine for bursting fire crackers in Thaiwan :

Diff.Thinkr January 26, 2011 at 6:15 PM  

Thanks Sky. I checked that out and found it amazing!! Hopefully someone in India would support it. But I'm not very optimistic about that happening seeing that it is like a multimilion rupee industry thriving on the shoulders on probably some "big" people.

But always changes takes place when people take the initiative. So lets start thinking and acting....

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