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As Promised

As I promised just yesterday, here I am writing about the future.

Today was a good day with a wonderful session on the Indian space technology by the former deputy chairman of ISRO followed by a quiz and a modification of a treasure hunt. ( My team grabbed the first prize , a bottle of Fanta and a milkybar for each of us, SWEET!!  ;-) !! )

But, obviously, that is not what I've planned to talk about. Its the future! Not just future, but our future, ie, each of our future. Let me just cut to the chase ;-)

Today, I spoke with two of my friends, one from my college and the other , I met at the program. I asked the former if he chose Engineering by choice. He said, he had no preference to engineering or electronics. He told me his plan is the management field. He took engineering because (according to him) having an engineering degree would give him a better base to get a good job after an MBA.

The second one, he took Aeronautical Engineering. I asked him the same thing , did he take it by choice or chance? He said choice and I salute him for that.

So few these days actually know what their heart yearns to do. And even fewer have the guts to pursue it. During the finals of our "IEEE Best Fresher" contest, one of the guys told that his passions were management and journalism. When "cross-examined" further by the judges on this topic, he was at his wits end because he had already told that he loved journalism and that he would try to take it as his "side business". Then, when he was asked if he would forfeit a 10 or 26 lakh per annum job for jouranlism and he said no! That is the value that many give to their passion. I don't know him personally and hence can't say if what he said was the complete truth. All I can say is passionate people are hard to find. Especially in engineering colleges (and medical colleges too) these days.

Whenever I'm out for an IEEE meeting or any other program, I'm always on the lookout for such passionate people, and I just started ranking them on a star basis, 1 to 5.  I wonder when I'll meet a 5 star guy (or girl, of course!)

If you think you are worthy of a star, come talk to me. No, I don't have anything to give for you, nor do I have much contacts or talents that might come in handy, but I will always treat you with a certain kind of respect for "Being Who You Are"!

That said, there are some people who are passionate and truly committed to learn and enjoy the subject to the fullest.
And to these people ,
Keep doing it!!
Keep being passionate!!
Keep LIVING the true LIFE!!!
Think Different!!

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