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Those Winter Days : A short story with a twist

"I wonder which  furry little rodent ate my node this time!"
"Ah, there it is! Look, right there on the walkway is where I stood last winter.Winter has always been my favorite. Not very surprising I guess. The days are wonderful and cold. The kids, the snow balls, and the skiers...
Have I told you? Once, a skier crashed into me and I got so angry that I almost impaled him with my arm! But thought people call us "cold-hearted", I let him go. It was winter! Everyone has the right to enjoy, right?  The nights are colder and sometimes I feel lonely. Just standing there all night, all alone, it feels as though I'm no more wanted but the cold day brings good news, its still winter!

Now that we have chilled for so long, let me tell you a secret. Promise to keep quiet about it? Well, last winter I met a girl. Snow had never been whiter, noses never brighter, arms never so branched and girls never so round! She was cold and gorgeous but try as I might, I could never get her to respond . Neither could I get close to her , the hard road kept our cold hearts apart. But I knew it would never last! It never does. We never know where we would end up next winter! Nevertheless, oh, how I wish to meet her again!

I'm glad you cared enough to talk to me. People almost never realise we too have a heart, cold by your standards but ones with feelings definitely. We too feel hurt and happy and just because we love the cold doesn't mean that we don't love just as you do so "warmly". You might see us around only in winter but keep in mind, we are always around watching you.

Hey! hear that bell? That's my buddy coming along. Too bad he has such a short life! Care to buy an ice cream so that I could spend some time with him? Afterall, we snowmen too need friends , you know?

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