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What's in a name?

Often, when people who don't know me for long hear me addressing my sister (she's 7 years elder) , they are surprised or even questioning.

Well, I just address her as if she's someone of my own age or sometimes even someone younger. It's not a pronoun that means exactly  'younger sister' or anything even close ( I just don't know any equivalent or similar expression in English! ). It's just like an informal address. But, let me make clear that it isn't because I don't respect her or love her, it's just that we are really good 'friends' too.

It's weird that we consider something more respectful than the other. Consider this. One may call ones sister , 'sister', dee dee (दीदी) (Remember Dexter's sister, well, its actually a Hindi word meaning the same! ), sis or any other local word.

There's this story that might get things into a better perspective.

Once upon a time there was a fool and he wanted to become wise. So, he went to a wise but arrogant sage and asked for advice but as it happened, the sage was very angry at that moment and told him to "mind his own business",so to speak. (the exact translation is something more like "idiotic ash-gourd"(വിഡ്ഢി കൂശ്മാണ്ടം) but it sounds right only in Malayalam.) Well, the poor fool believing that it was some kind of spell kept on chanting the phrase over and over again for many years.

Years later,  (if my memory serves right) the sage somehow encounters a very wise man and the man thanks him (the sage) and upon enquiry it was found that it was the same fool (who became wise). When asked how it came to be so, the man reminded the sage the story of the phrase. (The rest, I don't remember! Sorry!).

But the important point is that even though it was just a scolding, by just believing the that it was something powerful or helpful helped (more like a placebo effect!) the man achieve his goal. So, its not in the words or sounds that we use but what they mean to us that matters. After all, words and sounds are 'defined' by us. So, its effects change with the definitions.

Its what you think and how you respect or consider someone or something that matters in the end. So take care... and Think...

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