THINK ANEW !!!!!!!!

Thoughts and Actions, that's what drives me.
Let me share some of 'em with you. Feel free to join in, argue, blatantly disagree.
Lets open, our hearts and minds and THINK ANEW!!!

A Request..

Friends ... If you don't want to reveal yourself, you have the option of commenting anonymously. So, don't restrain yourself...
Let your thoughts burst out...

Always speak the truth,
think before you speak,
and write it down afterwards.

Lewis Carroll

It just caught my attention, so am posting it. Wouldn't that mean you'll be thinking, speaking and writing only the truth?

Who is a Teacher?

Who is a Teacher?

Is it one who knows everything? One who teaches you everything?

Where did the question come from?

The other day I was reading a chapter about how Albert Einstein was kicked out or rather quit his school, fed up with the school routines and how his teachers were very irritated with his attitude towards education. A teacher asked him his view about education and he replied that he believed that education is not learning facts that can be read from books but learning new things.

So, who is a teacher?
Certainly, not ones that I mentioned at first.

To me, a teacher is anyone who can teach you anything. He/she maybe bad at all other things but maybe able to assist you in a particular thing. To me, every friend of mine is a teacher, even strangers who can teach me something is a teacher. Moreover, a teacher is one who is ready to accept, when asked something unknown to them, that they don't know it. I find this to be the most important quality of a good teacher. A good teacher is an eternal student.

In fact, I've had a few experiences where I asked our teacher a doubt and was almost scolded for it. And my mind simply refuses to accept such "teachers".Even a person who doesn't know "much" can be a good teacher if he/she can induce in their students a genuine interest in the subject and ignite their minds with imagination beyond words and the thirst for knowledge.

So, what does a teacher mean to you?

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Lulled was I by the cold
Like a thief it crept upon me.
Pulled me it into an abyss
Dark at first all around
And then, an ambience dim.

Off in the distance stood a girl
her form vague and uncertain
Yet, as the distance closed
Beheld did I her magnificence

Her curls long and hiding
mysteries unheard by man.
Her eyes intense yet caring
like the autumn before the spring

Lushed was where she stood,
by flowers never seen before.
Bright was the ground she stood on
An eerie glow though it was.

Outstretched, she her hand for me
Long, faint yet strong
My will powerless against her unearthly lure
gave mine her.

Soon, over vast oceans we passed,
floated did we over mountains.
Like gazelles did she take me over the plains
And by us were explored
caves plunged in eternal darkness.

Return did we to the same old spot
Nothing seems to have changed.
Yet, as I began to utter
a mist rolled by uninvited
Thin,turning thick
Faded did she
her sweet voice still ringing,
"I am Dream, Life is yet to come;


The poem may not seem so relevant to the theme of this site and indeed it is not so much but I want to draw your attention to those last lines, wonder, wander not wither.
These three abilities can together guarantee a VERY satisfactory and happy life.I do not use satisfactory here in the usual sense but to refer to ones own satisfaction.

Wonder about all that you see around you. Ask why. Find the answer.
Wander, with all your heart, not only in the sense of travel but get to know more.
Not Wither, most importantly, be strong against all opposition. Stand your ground for right
no matter what.(Of course, one may "scheme" when no other path is open to win a battle").

And, by the way, Don't you agree that the title is a bit deceptive?

The Sure Prize

Today I read a post at atenean101 which made me think (which I expressed in a comment there)....

When in a world of competition,people tend to forget to do what their hearts yearn to... they tend to give more importance to what others think of them... how much importance or respect or consideration others are giving them.. BUT in my opinion, its what you do that really matters in the end....

Quoting what I wrote there...

I would say ,though not very experienced, is don't worry about others.... Do what you do best and be happy with it... Sooner or later you'll be rewarded by others... but more importantly you'll be rewarded everyday by your conscience!!!!!!!!!

This way, you'll be constantly be rewarded (by your heart and mind) and finally there's a good chance of getting a reward from others... but even if you don't get it... You'll still be a winner!!!!!
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I didn't think that many people would support my ideas about the fireworks that I mentioned before but it seems it is not so....
Today morning I saw (in NDTV) a campaign against the use of fireworks highlighting the noise and air pollution it causes.....
Hope I've been able convey some message!!!!!!

Light some lamps..

Imagine.... A whole village, so remote that they have never seen a power distribution wire, running on solar power!!!!

Well that's what NDTV's "Greenathon" has achieved.... not just one but hundreds of villages in rural India can now enjoy greater freedom and more work hours thanks to the thousands of solar lanterns distributed by them as a part of their LIGHT A BILLION LIVES program.....

This is even more significant as today is DEEPAVALI ,The festival of lights. In the past ,it was celebrated small lights made by lighting a wick in small earthen cups.Even though this is still practiced, nowadays, fireworks has taken the limelight. To me this is so disappointing because I advocated against fireworks because they are immensely polluting and its just like burning away money in seconds.Moreover, the lights are a spectacle to behold..........

Well.... just letting out my feelings.... Anyway...
HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all of you and give those millions who are still in the dark a thought....

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We spend our days waiting for the ideal path to appear in front of us.
But what we forget is that
the path is made by walking and not by waiting.

Thought I should share it you.......
Remind ourselves that there is no path except the ones we walk on.....
There is nothing that can't be done......

All that is needed is the will and the confidence to enact it

Wanna get better?

Push yourself

Thats my standard answer to my friends who ask me why I do something which to them doesn't seem worth it..... Like spending hours on problem or playing till absolutely exhausted.

My principle is that unless you reach your current limit you'll never be able to get beyond that and if you want to get beyond that you have to forcefully push yourself... not too much though... Just enough to give you the satisfaction of doing it..... I would say about 10-15% beyond......

Oh... just noticed the status message of one of my friends.... Be all that you can be

which brings to my mind another thought.... People tend to shy away from expressing themselves ,thinking about what their friends and onlookers would think..... But, if you think that it is indeed something that is worth doing or saying, something that you truly believe in , Then fear not.... for friends who do not understand you or doesn't even try to do so are friends not worth having.... It's time time to find others..... Fortunately, most of my "friends" are good ones in this sense and I'm grateful for this..............

Share your thoughts.......
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The Fragrance Of Earth......

I'm always enchanted by the smell of the new earth the comes when it rains after along time. It fills me with an amazing thrust of new life and a savoury hunger for more of life.......

It is just simply amazing (I'm at a loss for a better word....)

Some of you might have noticed that I love the rain from my past couple of posts about rain.....
But the first reaction to a blackening sky is "Oh no!!! It's going to rain"..... Why??????

Enjoy life..........

Baxter Bog SunImage by Douglas Brown via Flickr

Enjoy Life.........

That's all I had to say to my friend who used to complain (always) that "Its so boring!!!"
That's all he had to say,when eating or in class......... and today suddenly I told him "enjoy life"
Well, if you do something and enjoy doing it you wouldn't feel that it is boring. And so it is in life, at least I believe so.........

Anyway you have only one of it..... Have no regrets about it........ Don't regret the past..... Make sure you won't regret in the future due to your present actions........ And most importantly......


Scientific explanation of noisy classes......

Expansion of gas to exlpain entropyImage via Wikipedia

Entropy Increases with time

Simple and concise.And for those of you who doesn't know or never cared to listen in your chemistry classes, entropy is the randomness or "disorderly"ness of something.

So just as entropy increasing with time naturally, it seems our life's and actions and the world too seems to be becoming more chaotic...... Could this be an explantaion for why our class keeps on getting noisier and noisier by the minute????

Probably not. I know kind of a lame explanation........ But one can always give it a try!!!!!

Those who never failed never tried!!!!

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Been thinking about my thoughts........

اشتاقImage by *iFatma via Flickr

For the past few days, I've been thinking about my thoughts and this blog........ I have really made a "substantial" post in while. In fact what happens is that most days I'll be too busy to think about what is happening or else even if I get something to write about, probably by the time I get in front of the computer, I'll lose the feel of it. You know how it is...... You got to write from he heart or it doesn't sound right!!!!!!!!! The heart gives you the feel to write, the words to express and the punch to the thoughts...... Hopefully I'll be more vigilant from now on!!!!!!!!
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Met some old friends..........

Meeting old friends has a particular charm to it. It just brings back all those nice moments hidden away in the jungle of thoughts back into perspective...........

Off in another direction... For some weird reason, my life seems far more busy and crammed these days........ I am yet to find the reason. Maybe its because we have so much to study this year and the entrance coaching .I wish there was some way to increase the number of hours per day!!!!!

Wow... My 100th post!!

Hanging By The Sun

I was just simply going to make this post when I noticed from the dashboard that it is my 100th post!!!!

I never realized this until now.

Well back to the matter...... I want your opinion about this situation.

Our class board has a glass base and some rather too mischievious classmates of mine has broken it.Now the school is asking the whole of the class to pay for it.Some of us , the more mature type ;) , is refusing to do so ebcause we had no part in it..........

What do you think????????

Sorry, too late today for a post. Will come over tomorrow(will try!!!!!!!!!)

A Birthday wish

My sister's b'day today and I wanted to wish her in front of hte WHOLE world (or at least those who read this blog). Caring, and sweet , THANK YOU dear SISTER and HAPPY B'day

Poems of life

Onward my march'll be,
To the destiny I choose
stride or swift as wind,

Making sure I enjoy along!!!

I like making poems but only short ones, maximum of six lines never more and if I do indeed try to write more I doesn't sound right.(not that it would otherwise!)Waiting for my poetry writing contest and hoping I'll get selected.I'll aslo have to ask my teacher for it so that I can post it here, because as you might have guessed, if I'm writing a poem it'll be aligned with this blog.

PS If that picture is a bit too abstract ,check out its explanation

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A message!!!!

Even today somebody landed here with a search for Funny Insights!!!!!!!
Going to let it be.....

And by the way, a message

If you are reading this, do check out this.

your student
(Don't want to reveal my name, what with all the web privacy hype!!!!!)

Wonder why!!!!!!

I like checking which stuff gets the most hits in ths blog and I've been noyicing that Funny Insights is the most searched for item on this blog!!!(from google)

Wonder why!!!!

If you have some theories, do share them..........

Mahatma Gandhi

I'm sure the web is filled with stuff about this great soul and therefore I'm not going to write a long post about him. However ,even though a bit late, I want to pay homage to him and hence thought I should write something about him.............

I guess the easiest thing is to give you his message......... His LIFE!!!!!!!!

May the world bear witness to others like the MAHATMA (literally,"great soul").........

The Cover of the Book

I'm sure all of you have heard "Don't judge the book by the cover" ..... but today I experienced it....

Somedays I come back from school by bus and today it was raining heavily.There is a small shed at the stop and me , a few friends of mine and 2 men were sitting inside.We were all having umbrellas.One of the men looked kind of rough....... Well,what taught me my lesson was the moment a lady came by and started waiting for the bus.It was raining heavily and she was trying desperately to cover her head with the end of her Saree to keep dry but to no use. Then the man (whom I thought was rough!!) stepped up and lent his umbrella to the lady for using then. I was having an umbrella in my hand and nothing passed my head even vaguely near that.

I was absolutely amazed and thoroughly ashamed that even after being educated and being educated and EVEN after listen to a speech about the values of education ( about which I shall be writing a post, [its a bit late now]) and Gandhian values on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, I failed to realize the duties I ought to have carried out.........

Will make a dedicated effort to better myself!!!!!!!!!!!

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