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Most Influential II

now that i have finished my classes here's another list

but this ones not really that universal in language but it is in ideas

i' m still thinking as to how i should present it here.. it is a Malayalam poet that we learned ..... greatly sarcastic and critical(indirectly)

its called "Vazhivettunnavaroode" translated to "to the ones who pave the path" or something like that by N N Kakkade

The poem asks the man who is preparing to start his consider rightly to choose The path taken by the masses and not to pave a new one!!!!the reason??? its easier....its been Travelled over and over again by the many millions of the world who preferred to follow that old path shown by their forefathers.Then he( N N Kakkade) tells why it is a bad idea to pave the new path ........ you have to overcome countless forest demons ,a river so strong that just touching it would cut you ,poison breathing and fire spitting demons and rivers of fire and poison......and enduring all this if one succeeds in paving the new path the society would welcome him during the day but when ha day darkens he will be sacrificed to the KALI, the goddess of havoc( not very sure of that).The so called followers would also place a memorial and would perform special rites in "memory "of their leader and the BEST part is they would even ensure that the new path does not get contaminated by preventing all form using the path!!!!!!!!!!

The poem in this form does not seem impressive and I'm no authority to properly translate it but this is the abstract .The most interesting quality of this poem is that it portrays the REAL character of our society....its crooked and restrictive nature

If someone wants to change something , they would first try to get on his good side and would try to persuade him gently to back away and if that does not work and if that person succeeds in his mission....sometimes even spending his whole life for it...........then the world would uphold him for while and then after a while would forget or even work against him......

PS :just a thought ,if you notice me using 'he','him' etc. frequently please understand that this is not due to any fact I'm a feminist.........hence not downgrading anybody.........its just because 'he' is shorter to type than 'she' even though its just a single letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If any body finds a link to the poem please let me know.........and also translation

Its simply a great poem and appealing to my ideals........

Missing them.....................

Our classes just finished and I have no idea who all I will meet again or even remember after a decade or so!!!!! But, now, I know one thing for sure, I'm missing all of them very much.
No doubt, it was a typical class...
 the one with a lot of noise,
a lot of "booby traps",
friendly teasing ,
crushes <3 and its complications :-#,
mysteries and mysterious messages (I still wonder who did that !!!)
and all things nice one can find in  typical high school. I even am missing the classes and my teachers, not something my classmates would approve of (at least I think so)!

This I'm saying because I've been dreaming of my class many times over the past few days and when I talked about this to my mom she said " onwards they will just be dreams...."
At least I'm happy those dreams are ones I can cherish forever and ever and that I had made full use of that past year and enjoyed it so much so that I wish I could build a time machine and go enjoy those times again.

Now I understand why people say this is the golden age.I don't think I'll have to elaborate. If one of you reading this is my classmate, for that matter, even my schoolmate, you probably would know what I'm talkng about ;-)

PS  I noted above about a mysterous message.....
Well, this note is to him /her. It would be good to know you and how you pulled that stunt off. To the others, here's brief hint, the guy or girl got into one of my friend's gtalk and started chatting with me (personal stuff, sorry) but later (as I had suspected ) found it was  fake. I have my suspicions but do not wish to reveal them!!!!!!

Hoping  to see my friends, dear friends and my dearest friends in the future
Signing Off...
Yours truly,


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